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Retextures of old TR Imperial Dragon tapestries as well as some new ones.

New, and hopefully better, versions of TR's Imperial Dragon tapestries to replace the old ones (see the attached images). I've also included three completely new ones (a brown one, a white one, and a sort of white-gold one). As requested by Aeven.

The files and an ESP file attached.


Binary Data tr_new_dragon_tapestries.ESP5.03 KB2017-04-20 18:09
File tr_dragon_tapestry_files.7z11.15 MB2017-04-20 18:09
File Vanilla res textures189.69 KB2017-05-02 06:09


These seem good to go; one

sirrah's picture

These seem good to go; one thing I noticed is the dragon is missing the lower part of his wing on the grey tapestry. Was that intentional?

That is intentional. I couldn

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That is intentional. I couldn't help not to include a subtle nod to the Skyrim logo.

I have an unbroken version of the grey tapestry too, if that's not subtle enough.

Ah! I figured there might be

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Ah! I figured there might be some sort of significance behind it, just thought I should make sure. These look good to merge, to me.