Reviewed interiors from the old forum

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(Obviously, not actually a model)
I’ll be uploading reviewed interiors from the old forum here as I review them.

TR_i3-782-Imp –
TR_i3-788-Imp – (For Old Ebonheart Section File.)
TR_i3-794-Imp – (For Old Ebonheart Section File.)
TR_i3-797-Ind  –
TR_i4-509-Hla –
TR_i4-510-Hla –
TR_i4-511-Hla – (InDev Mundrethi Plantation, does not fit the exterior anymore.)
TR_i4-519-Hla –
TR_i5-72-Red  –

TR_i3-743-Ind – (For Mainland.)
TR_i4-368-Red – (For InDev.)
TR_i4-472-Hla – (For InDev.)
TR_i4-473-Hla – (For InDev.)
TR_i4-474-Hla – (For InDev.)
TR_i4-487-Red – (For InDev.)
TR_i4-498-Hla – (For Roryn's Bluff Section File.)
TR_i4-503-Hla – (For Hlaalu-Thirr Section File.)
TR_i4-504-Hla – (For Hlaalu-Thirr Section File.)
TR_i4-505-Hla – (For Hlaalu-Thirr Section File.)
TR_i4-506-Hla – (For Hlaalu-Thirr Section File.)
TR_i4-512-Hla – (For Hlaalu-Thirr Section File.)
TR_i4-518-Hla – (For InDev.)

Binary Data (Merged) TR_i3-782-Imp27.65 KB2016-11-18 19:29
Binary Data TR_i3-788-Imp_reviewed.esp6.43 KB2016-11-18 10:44
Binary Data TR_i3-794-Imp_reviewed.esp12.78 KB2016-11-18 10:44
Binary Data (Merged) TR_i3-797-Ind36.99 KB2016-11-18 19:29
Binary Data (Merged) TR_i4-509-Hla4.04 KB2016-11-18 10:44
Binary Data (Merged) TR_i4-510-Hla20.15 KB2016-12-10 16:47
Binary Data TR_i4-511-Hla_sasquatch2o_4_reviewed.esp27.75 KB2017-01-16 18:27
Binary Data (Merged) TR_i4-519-Hla115.75 KB2016-11-18 19:29
Binary Data (Merged) TR_i5-72-Red26.78 KB2016-11-18 20:20
Binary Data TR_i3-743-Ind_adamantum_3_reviewed.esp83.87 KB2017-06-21 12:09
Binary Data TR_i4-368-Red_reviewed.esp26.73 KB2017-06-13 20:10
Binary Data TR_i4-472-Hla_reviewed.esp29.2 KB2017-06-12 16:34
Binary Data TR_i4-473-Hla_reviewed.esp25.79 KB2017-06-14 18:07
Binary Data TR_i4-474-Hla_reviewed.esp70.35 KB2017-06-15 13:30
Binary Data TR_i4-487-Red_reviewed.esp27.09 KB2017-06-09 20:38
Binary Data TR_i4-498-Hla_reviewed.esp82.79 KB2017-06-23 14:57
Binary Data TR_i4-503-Hla_seneca37_6_reviewed.esp69.23 KB2017-06-18 21:06
Binary Data TR_i4-504-Hla_RyanS_4_reviewed.esp30.51 KB2017-06-09 20:38
Binary Data TR_i4-505-Hla_RyanS_2_reviewed.esp8.09 KB2017-06-10 07:53
Binary Data TR_i4-506-Hla_seneca37_reviewed.esp115.38 KB2017-06-12 09:09
Binary Data TR_i4-512-Hla_RyanS_2_reviewed.esp46.31 KB2017-06-10 07:53
Binary Data TR_i4-518-Hla_Ragox_reviewed.esp40.82 KB2017-06-22 18:45
Binary Data TR_i5-44-Red_Rats_reviewed.esp14.15 KB2017-06-29 02:15
Binary Data TR_i5-48-Red_reviewed.esp19.46 KB2017-06-29 02:42
Binary Data TR_i5-39-Red_reviewed.esp43.56 KB2017-06-29 03:45
Binary Data TR_i5-76-Red_reviewed.esp11.96 KB2017-06-30 12:23
Binary Data TR_i5-63-Red_RyanS_1_reviewed.esp7.11 KB2017-07-02 08:24
Binary Data TR_i5-82-Red_reviewed.esp16.1 KB2017-07-02 09:10


You’re simply a godsend for TR

Ragox's picture

You’re simply a godsend for TR sirrah heart

Can you upload the earlier reviews you did here as well? The files can’t be opened on the old forum.


The selected Attachment does not exist anymore

404 File Not Found: The File files/tr_i3-782-imp_reviewed_163.esp does not exist.

The selected Attachment does not exist anymore

404 File Not Found: The File files/tr_i3-797-ind_yeti_reviewed_2_528.esp does not exist.

The selected Attachment does not exist anymore

404 File Not Found: The File files/tr_i4-519-hla_ryans_1_reviewed_343.esp does not exist.

The selected Attachment does not exist anymore

404 File Not Found: The File files/tr_i3-797-ind_yeti_reviewed_2_528.esp does not exist.

Thanks for catching this,

sirrah's picture

Thanks for catching this, Ragox; the old forum really is on its last legs! I’ve uploaded the unreachable files above.

The website won’t let me

Parker's picture

The website won’t let me download any of these. It opens up a tab full of scripting mumbo-jumbo instead when I click on them:


The modder formerly known as Yeti.
Head of NPCs - Skyrim: Home of the Nords

That looks like the contents

sirrah's picture

That looks like the contents of an .esp file (your browser is just opening the file as plaintext instead of downloading), does right-click > ‘Save Link As...’ let you save the file?

It’s always been so for me

Rot's picture

It’s always been so for me here, I assumed it was due to browser config rather than the forum itself? Maybe the browsers you’re using have just been updated?

I’ve just run into the same

RyanS's picture

I’ve just run into the same problems others have been having with downloading files on the old forums. The save-as option works, but with the old forums deteriorating so rapidly I’m worried all the claims there may be at risk.  Should we salvage them while we have the chance or is this likely not something to worry about?

edit: I noticed it happens on both of the claims browsers, so nevermind on there being a potential risk. Still, though, it would be nice to fix the problem if it comes from the website.

Could you please indicate

Atrayonis's picture

Could you please indicate which ones these are and which still need merging?
That list is still going to grow and it would be best to have that info here.

Sorry for the late reply, but

Atrayonis's picture

Sorry for the late reply, but I crossed those out and will check which ones can be merged into TR_Indev atm this weekend.

Merged the following into

Atrayonis's picture

Merged the following into InDev:

  • TR_i4-509-Hla (Slave Shack, Aanthirin)
  • TR_i4-510-Hla (Farmer’s House, Aanthirin)
  • TR_i4-519-Hla (Cave complex with Daedric Ruins, Aanthirin)
  • TR_i5-72-Red  (Ancestral Tomb, Clambering Moor)

There’s two now for OE. Progress! laugh