Salt Crocus

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A small, salty flower. Its petals dissolve rapidly when picked and melt in the presence of any moisture. For the Deshaan.

Model needed: one variant, no collision. Possibly also an ingredient that is one petal.

sirrah: One plant, one petal and one texture (vanilla and HD) in the .7z, the crystal part of the texture could probably be greatly improved.
(Edited 2017/03/06)- Added an icon for the ingredient.

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Excellent work as always! The

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Excellent work as always!

The ingredient, though, is maybe a bit too expensive -- I'm expecting that the Salt Crocus will be relatively common in Dres lands. Looking at other flower ingredients, they tend to be quite cheap, so maybe 2 septims instead of 20?

Having ingrendients with more positive and rare effects was discussed on Discord the other day. Maybe instead of Paralyze the first effect could be Spell Absorption?

The Deshaan is a fairly high

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The Deshaan is a fairly high-level region, so I don't think it would be out of place to have a more expensive plant ingredient along the lines of the coda flower and hackle-lo.

Also the petals are said to

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Also the petals are said to melt in contact with moisture, so they're hard to harvest and transport.

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The petals are a single

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The petals are a single, separate NiTriShape property (unhelpfully named "Cube.011 2"), so getting rid of it should be no problem.