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Saltgrass – needs 3 variants. No ingredient, no collision.

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Some comments:

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Some comments:

I notice that some of the blades are intersecting each other, which is a bit weird. The end of the blades near the ground could also narrow into a point if that is possible, so they come down to one spot which would be sunk into the ground. I like that the leaves look very erratic and they are angular and flop randomly. I would prefer if this model did not use alpha, as I think the grass blades, being relatively simple triangles can just be narrowed down to a point. The texture looks fine as a starter but needs to be color-shifted by a texture artist once the model is complete.

This is pretty good and would work well, especially with a bit of polish and a few more variations.

Asylum, did you see that there was already a blank asset listing for saltgrass? Did you try to edit it? Just FYI some of the required assets are already listed with just a concept and the requirements.

EDIT: I just realized we’re having a permissions issue with the existing assets. If you see an asset that already exists that you want to work on, just comment on the asset and a lead dev will be along to give you permission. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

EDIT 2: Permissions issue fixed. There’s a button to click on to add yourself as a dev now.

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Some of the models don't

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Some of the models don't leave a lot of leeway for placement. While Deshaan is supposed to be a plain, it's still important for exterior developers to have some wiggle-room when placing flora.

Aside from that, I'm wondering if this plant is primarily for the Deshaan Plains or the Salt Marshes. If the former, the textures should be more yellowish like the surrounding terrain in that screenshot. If the latter, its current colour is fine. The purple vertex shading could perhaps be toned down a bit, but is really fine as-is.