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Saltgrass – needs 3 variants. No ingredient, no collision.

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Some comments:

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Some comments:

I notice that some of the blades are intersecting each other, which is a bit weird. The end of the blades near the ground could also narrow into a point if that is possible, so they come down to one spot which would be sunk into the ground. I like that the leaves look very erratic and they are angular and flop randomly. I would prefer if this model did not use alpha, as I think the grass blades, being relatively simple triangles can just be narrowed down to a point. The texture looks fine as a starter but needs to be color-shifted by a texture artist once the model is complete.

This is pretty good and would work well, especially with a bit of polish and a few more variations.

Asylum, did you see that there was already a blank asset listing for saltgrass? Did you try to edit it? Just FYI some of the required assets are already listed with just a concept and the requirements.

EDIT: I just realized we’re having a permissions issue with the existing assets. If you see an asset that already exists that you want to work on, just comment on the asset and a lead dev will be along to give you permission. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

EDIT 2: Permissions issue fixed. There’s a button to click on to add yourself as a dev now.

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