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Currently, signposts are split all across TR’s files. The Telvannis signposts do not exist outside of TR_Mainland, and thanks to esp merging there are several instances of the same signpost in the same file. For instance, I have found 5 different instances of Old Ebonheart signposts, not to mention all the signs that are pointing towards Darnim Watch.

This asset will contain, once finished, an esp to be merged into Tamriel_Data to centralize all of TR’s city signposts. Tamriel_Data already has city signposts from Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim, but they are incomplete and our current content files do not utilize them.
Editing the content files to use the Tamriel_Data signposts will be done once the new version is available, and as such can’t be part of this asset.

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