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The siltlouse is a creature that lives in the Mudflats. It lives on the ground, but can also be found crawling around underwater. The creature has strong carapace and is a bit smaller than the Guar. The creature is normally passive, but when provoked it can hurl itself at the enemy with great speed, using his body as a battering ram. The siltlouse diet consists mainly out of dead organic material, but it can also be seen eating various plantlife, be it below, or above water. The ooze that it excretes has special properties, in its body it acts as a layer between the shell and the body, to prevent friction between the body and the shell plates. When outside of the body the liquid coagulates, giving the the shell an extra protective layer against dirt and muck. Siltlice reproduce within the water, their larvae are aquatic.

Notes: The ooze has several properties, it has the ability to reflect, shield and enables water breathing, it also drains the fatigue of the user, not necessarily in that order(after some discussion Shield, Water Breathing, Reflect, Drain Fatigue might be preferable). As their carapace is heavy, it moves very slowly, if at all. The creature has a high health and armor, and probably a small reflect(5-10%) and a health generation buff. The siltlouse charges at the player when provoked, it would be really nice if someone could script in a charge attack for the siltlouse, which will hurt the player and knock the player down if his strength/endurance/agility is too low.

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