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TR used to have a skylamp model based on this concept, but, like many of TR's old creatures, the model had issues and was removed from TR_Data. Alternatively, there's always the possibility of developing a concept based off of the very different Skylamp sillhouettes in this concept, but I prefer the former concept, which is also used in the TR book The Skylamp Night, which also refers to them a 'war-netches'.
I think the Skylamp should be native to central and eastern Morrowind (the general area of the Mournhold District, with some further south and north), in small numbers and probably fairly high altitudes.


I really like the look of

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I really like the look of that first concept art, it kinda gives me the impression of a nautilus/spider hybrid. The second isn't nearly as good and you can't really make out any details in that one anyhow. Is there anything more to go on, like a description or anything? There are some fairly ambiguous bits on the concept that I'm not sure how to interpret. For instance that wavey bit on the rear, is that supposed to be something thin and centered along the spine like a fin or more like a clam shell shaped tail set up like an arch when viewed from behind sort of like a lobster tail (a bit like a bull netch, but showier)?  Also, are the things on the ends of the tentacles supposed to be blade like claws? I'm also guessing those bulging ovoids on the sides are the bits that are suppose to be glowing, right? Another question would be regarding desired color palette.

I could probably whip up a model for something like this fairly easily, though I'm still unfamiliar with how Morrowind handles animations. I could set up a rig and weights in Blender just fine, but I'm not sure if there are any Morrowind specific gotchas to compensate for.