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A version of the current swamptroll with a more natural-looking walking animation and new swimAttack & swimHit animation.

Thanks to the new swimAttack/swimHit – animations you can fight the swamptroll in water and it will play according animations. If you enable both “walks” & “swims” for the swamptroll (currently it only walks) it can change between water and and land freely and fight in both media. I have tested it and it works.

The swamptroll creature currently in TR_Data has no AI-package assigned. It should get a wander package with roughly equal chances for idle2, idle3 and idle4.

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Did we have a desire to use

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Did we have a desire to use the swamp troll, and if so, where?

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Swamp troll has been reserved

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Swamp troll has been reserved for the Arnesian Jungle for years, but I wouldn't mind seeing it in some other place, for example Roth Roryn as was suggested in one of the Sunday meetings (maybe with not with the word Swamp in its name). 

Yes, I like that idea. Being

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Yes, I like that idea. Being amphibious they would totally catch the player off guard.

If I recall correctly the Swamp Troll has very high stats so a Pryai variant ("Pryai Troll"?) should be nerfed a little.

As I think the vast majority

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As I think the vast majority of Morrowind's and, for that matter, Black Marsh's creatures should be endemic, and trolls always struck me as more of a 'western' thing, I'd rather this creature was located close to the border, but wasn't entirely comfortable with the Arnesian Jungle idea.

I think having its range mainly along the Velothi mountains would make sense. That could extend to some in caves along the Pryai, and perhaps also in the deepest, darkest corners of Othreleth Woods, and in other bits and places adjacent to the Velothi mountains.

Having it primarily in Hlaalu lands would also be quite fitting in that sense.

Edit: Shipal-shin would be another option, but its skin colour would probably have to be adjusted for that.

I think we could also consider asking the other province mods if they are interested in having the creature on their side of the border as well, which could influence where we put them on ours. I certainly think they'd be a good fit for Marahk-Bazhul.

No matter the future use -

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No matter the future use - the changes are in. It has 30/30/30 probabilities for the idles and a 512 wander distance (256 for the diseased one), and swimming is enabled.

As such, I'm merging it in.