Tamriel Rebuilt - The Quest


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In the Census and Excise building in OE they're making a colored map of the world using tiny colored tiles. They found the map many years ago, but it only had Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and a bit of Almalexia completed. They need you to fetch some tiles from a vendor in town. When you bring back the colors they asked for, they've changed their mind and want completely different colored tiles. 

Finally, when you bring the newer tiles they mention their leadership has quit and they're going in a new direction entirely, this time with pieces of colored felt.

The quest then ends. There is no reward.


feel free to leave comments to more cool references to put in it, this I'd say is the one quest where the line of "acceptable meta commentary" is can be relentlessly crossed

naming the npc "swiftoak" is probably a bit too far, but honestly that's not a bad nord name. 

I was thinking of ending it with a sort of solumn meta-comment on how they're building the map because they love doing it and they love Morrowind as a whole. It doesn't matter how long it takes them, they've been doing it for years and they'll keep working on it until it's done. You don't get a reward because none of them are being paid to do it. The reward is completing something beautiful.


Makes me consider putting in

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Makes me consider putting in an Easter Egg--a hidden interior with a bunch of NPCs representing the devs, or possibly their RP characters. But, um, that would be a ton of NPCs...

I want to say this should be a little more disguised so it's not too meta and unfitting. For instance the labor of love thing I couldn't see jiving with the mural being constructed in OE (though we could mention that bureaucracy and lack of "reviews" is what's slowing the mural down from being put up officially or giving funding).

i mean....the quest is called

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i mean....the quest is called Tamriel Rebuilt for gods sake

if everyone gets their meta commentary out of their system here it won't spill out into other quests

Even in a quest meant to be

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Even in a quest meant to be meta, too much fourth-wall breaking is cringey--that Svakis N'Gasta book was well concealed considering it's in a different language/in cypher, and people still had issues with it.

It's a good way to get the

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It's a good way to get the meta out of the way and build a monument (both in and out of game). It obviously shouldn't be blatantly in-your-face, but characters such as Harald the Swift Oak or a strange pile of sload soap in the corner are good enough winks and nudges that people in the know will understand them.

If you complain at any point

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If player complains at any point during quest or suggests completing the map until replacement tiles can be found player is immediately attacked by quest giver. All other NPCs begin running randomly within interior - rotating objects and leaving trails of documents and documents documenting those documents, etc.