Tanna Plant


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I had this lying around, cleaned it up
 and tried to get the colours match MW, tough they need some more work.

Has an ingredient file with icon. could use some feedback



I like it, and there are several regions for which I think it could work, given the right textures. I don’t think for the Deshaan or Thirr River Region which we’re currently working on, but perhaps already for the other Dres regions.

Fixed the stem and added a few variants

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This is currently being

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This is currently being discussed in Discord. As Aeven suggested, it's slated to be IDed for Shipal-Shin, but the mesh has some problems that need to be fixed and Asylum is aware of them.

The ingredient is still an issue. Suggestions were to use it like tobacco, with either drain health, damage health, drain fatigue, damage fatigue or  restore fatigue, damage disease resistance, damage blight resistance.

Restore fatigue, restore

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Restore fatigue, restore magicka, damage health it is.

Damaging disease resistance is not one of the effects that can be chosen, sadly.