Topic link fixes / Grammar / Misc for Mainland

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Fixes this bug,
used journal state 2 (non-existent) given in preceding entry as condition for her line on "Marog"
"letter of apology": added Same Faction condition to initial entry
"she better not" > "she'd better not" more formal


fixed topics "Elegel" and "Kiseen" not being linked in similar way


added commas:


added intermediary words to avoid some "a/an %PC...", only for some custom lines, stayed away from anything involving faction conditions.


"interview a vampire"
added Same Faction condition to initiating entry



TR_m2_Ralis Andolith
demoted to Temple rank Adept so she doesn't refuse services, to match her dialogue

TR_m1_q_Mithras Stanchion_en
final reward of the RR mainquest really sucks, feather enchant increased to 100 so that it has at least one useful aspect (much? already costs 12 weight to carry around, and should about align with MCP rebalance of Feather besides)


replaced PauldronL with PauldronR for this bug


edits most dialogue in "TR_M1_GS_MQ_5" for language, this bug
and fixes minor issues. mainly topics "weird amulet", "inquisition", "Greeting 1"


resets a couple dozen globals' default values to 0 for this bug
+ fix "join the thieves guild" entry that used vanilla global instead of TR_Kick_TG


TR_m4_Geles Todros_cellfix.ESP  --FOR PREVIEW, not mainland <<< this will be for the HLAALU-THIRR section file
fixes this bug + dialogue fix "with whom you want to be friends with"

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Binary Data TR_m4_Geles Todros_cellfix.ESP --FOR HLAALU-THIRR section2.44 KB2017-04-20 01:03


"TR_m2_Ralis Andolith " was

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"TR_m2_Ralis Andolith " was already fixed within the Necrom bug by changing her dialogue.

The only really open in there is the building with the wrong interior shape and the annoying door.

Even with that dialogue

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Even with that dialogue change she would still tease services but refuse them to low ranks,
I did accidentally make these with Mainland.ESM though! just fixed and split the files