Treaty of the Armistice [Scroll]

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An asset requested by Aeven for the Curia of Ebon Tower.

This is one of the two copies of the Treaty of the Armistice kept under tight security in Old Ebonheart (the other copy is in White-Gold Tower, presumably). The scroll holds the terms and conditions of peace between Morrowind and the Empire--basically it's the founding document of Morrowind as a mere province. There was an idea that due to some legal quirk the Armistice is valid only so long as the document itself exists (or is not lost) and without it Morrowind and Empire would be officially at war. This could have some serious quest potential: some factions might be interested in igniting a conflict. Another idea for a quest would involve the Indoril trying to switch the Treaty with a fake one that gave them more agreeable terms.

[Signed in the last years of the Second Era, this weighty and nigh invaluable document details the terms of peace between Morrowind and the Cyrodiilic Empire. It bears the signatures of both Emperor Tiber Septim and the Tribunal god Vivec.]

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