Tumtum Parasol

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I'm opening this new asset thread because I can't upload files to the old one (http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/tumtum-tree).

The 3 assets have been reviewed by me, I found no issues with the newest version. They look really cool IMO.
I've simply corrected the folder structure and created a plugin merging them.

I'd suggest these beauties to be used in the Armun Ashlands since they fit the landscape very well and we ought to make that place more interesting plus it's being reworked (at least partly) anyways. That could also help explain why this parasol has those kind of stacked bowls.
It's using them to store as much rain as possible and also to absorb dust particles cool

File TR_TumtumParasol.7z989.08 KB2017-02-08 10:17
File TR_TumtumParasol_Worsas.7z334.98 KB2017-03-27 21:57
File tumtum_vshade.7z350.81 KB2017-04-17 16:48


This is a slightly modified

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This is a slightly modified version of the mushroom I was working on last year. If nobody objects, I'll carry this modification of the trunk over to the other two variants of the mushroom and upload it as the final version. I think it's better with this altered trunk shape. :P

Yes, the new trunk shape is

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Yes, the new trunk shape is really good. Keeps the general impression of the original without the jankiness.

The last thing to figure out as far as I'm concerned is the region, and the Armun Ashlands do seem as though they'd fit. More concretely, I'd suggest these are mainly found on the border between Roth-Roryn, the Armun Ashlands and the Velothi Mountains.

Edit: hm, reading the connected thread, I do think using these around the perimeter of Grey Meadows would also work nicely. Maybe associate this plant with the Velothi Mountains region, to be used mainly along stretches of its borders and bleeding into neighbouring regions?

I have finally managed to

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I have finally managed to create the shrooms with altered trunk shape, but I'll leave it to someone else to judge, if this asset is worth including. My new archive contains everything Ragox' previous archive has (even though the file is smaller), except that the parasols are updated.

I think darkening the trunks

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I think darkening the trunks with vertex shading would be a worthwhile improvement; to me, the trunk and cup undersides look too similar at the moment. I'll post some images to compare soon.

I'll give this a check and

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I'll give this a check and then see if we can merge it. Agree that it looks very good and would liven up the place.