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Any number of spell effect files, converted to be used as visual effects like the activator "sprigganup".

Note that the game's original spell effect files
- are "file.NIF" only (Xfile.NIF and Xfile.KF are also needed for animated activators)
- don't have keyframe strings (like NiTextKeyExtraData Idle: Start, Idle: Stop)

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As far as reusing the

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As far as reusing the original game's spell effects:
The bad news is that Niftools can't properly import the original files, so you can't count on it to reexport as xnif + kf,
The good news is that Nifskope can be used to cut a full NIF (geometry + animation) into KF (keyframe data only, with parent information added into NiStringExtraData) + xNIF (NIF with keyframe data removed). Attached KFTEST example, cut out of the "absorb" effect, works ingame (PlaceAtMe KFTEST 1 1 1). What I don't know yet is how this works if the NIF file has several elements with different keyframe controllers on each.

Added the shock (lightning

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Added the shock (lightning area) effect.

Does it work? yes, am I quite sure why? no. To convert an original spell effect into an activator like this, find the mesh from Gameplay>Magic effects then the Statics tab or in the /e/ folder. Add KeyFrameController data (contains Idle: Start, Idle: Stop...) in Nifskope. Then save; delete all keyframe data and save into a x.NIF; manually create a x.KF file by removing everything else instead (you need to reorder and create NiStringExtraData with the object names for each controller). That's a lot of manual work needed so doing it by default to all available spell effects isn't likely to happen, and a /e/ folder and _Vfx_ ID type won't be useful in the short term.

- visual effect without spell damage, aggression
- no need for hacks with invisible NPCs or objects exploding spells on themselves
- instant placement, place and forget, no casting time
- could edit the mesh keyframes to make magic effects that loop instead
- use custom textures for different visuals

I think this could probably

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I think this could probably be automated via PyFFI; I was trying to put together a script for building .kf files the other month, so I'll see if I can jury-rig something together out of it.

edit: I've done some PyFFI-prodding and uploaded the result; a few spell effects (hand01, lightningbolts, cast_ill, cast_levitate, hit_levitate) don't have keyframe controllers, so I didn't include them. Additionally, the blight and hit_myst effects have negative start times, so their animations won't play in MW (OpenMW plays them fine, however).

Likely this will need some thorough testing; some effects don't display right for me but that might just be a problem on my (linux) end.