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The Xaru, made by Asylum, concept art by ThomasRuz

The Xaru is a Salamander(Amphibian) like creature that swims and walks around the Arnesian Jungle. The alchemical ingrediënt that could be harvested from the Xaru is its tail. [More text will follow]

The model has already been made, but needs animation. Proposed ingredient hasn't been made.

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May I propose his "mustache"

Ateiggaer's picture

May I propose his "mustache" as an ingredient?
I could imagine that he gets hunted for this, as it could serve as a delicacy.

Isn't that just his mouth

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Isn't that just his mouth being opened in the screenshots?
The fins would be another possible ingredient.

Anyways, I really like this creature, great job Asylum and ThomasRuz!

This animal looks fabulous.

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This animal looks fabulous.

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