QuickGen for NPC testing ​​​​​​​DO NOT MERGE


This is a testing plugin to facilitate fast testing of quests and dialogue. This should be used in conjunction with the morrowind.ini startingcell edit. 

This plugin will give you:

500 speed
100 longblade
a daedric katana
1000 health
every generic dialogue topic

Making edits to the script is easy, I believe its called mort_quick and you can edit the starting speed to 3000, tcl, join a faction, anything that'll make testing easier. 

permissions: none
credits: me


Andothren NPCing Plans

For planning Andothren's NPCs and dialogue, I have gathered and edited all relevant information from the old forums related to the city's characterization. We can discuss what parts to keep or change at a future meeting. I hope no one minds me going ahead with this. Gnomey mentioned getting it done in the 10-08-2017 meeting summary, and I had some free time.

OE Fighters Guild NPCS

Adds 6 NPCS to the OE Guild hall - 4 in the main hall and 2 in the basement.

The two in the basement have a script that makes them spar every 20 seconds or so (they won't die from it)

Also adds unique greetings to most NPCs in the guildhall. They're all pretty generic but much more interesting than they were before.

changes 10/13/17:
added conditionals of guild membership on certain greetings
added misc items to npcs inventories to match their job (potions on warriors, a bit of gold, food etc)

Menaan Dialogue

excel spreadsheet dialogue for all the NPCs in Menaan, names not created or assigned, placeholders where necessary.

First draft, feel free to add or alter as necessary. Note the 3 tabs, one for specific dialogue, one for journal entries, and one for generic town dialogue

the rows are sortable if you want to sort greetings or responses to specific topics

includes one Morag Tong quest, I have an idea for a forgery quest. The Minor Hlaalu Noble has also been touted as a possible Morag Tong target in the future.


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