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House Telvanni            
- "Do you consort with the Telvanni, ...
if you are willing mind to use suitable methods. Until you signal your willingness to use it for the Empire,"

Sevroth Teles
- "A guard mentioned that he was on the skyway somewhere. "
- "I have no idea where the traveling priest i"
both missing cell Port Telvannis condition

Redram Oran
- "I have been looking into the matter of Redram Oran's death, of that you can be assured, %PCRank."
can be obtained immediately after telling him about said death, reword to "will be"

house dres
house hlaalu
house indoril
house redoran
house telvanni
tel mothrivra
dralothas omothran
uradasou tistar
mages guild

- 2+ entries for "Tel Mothrivra" and "Tower of Tel Mothrivra" for each topic missing NoLore. (probably many others. Slave ones can do without)

latest rumors
"The Parliament has brought in new rules on income reports and taxes just recently. I expect I'll be on the recieving end "  reciev > receiv

little secret
"House Telvanni is divided. (...) to wait for a place for a place to free itself for them"
(why does this NPC have 20 little secret entries anyway???)

Azura's Coast
"Azura's Coast is (...) in the Azura's Coast."

Other reminders:

his script never increments "expelCartil" so it looks like it will again PositionCell him on every frame? probably want to avoid that by setting it to 3 in the = 2 block

topic "Ashamul":
why does everybody in m1 randomly know about literal backwater cavedwellers? should it be class-restricted to Commoners?

petition the parliament
"in order to increase the mine's output, I need slaves. To acquire some, I need to go through the normal bureaucratic procedures with the Parliament of Bugs."
this is bullshit

vital experiment        
- "Indeed. .." has Mouth variant with no difference

plague rat blood        
- still has Messagebox for storyline not done

TR_m1_Cerul_Arnem    "Here take these scrolls"
TR_m1_Cerul_Arnem    "maybe not quite clear in Fervas Shulisa's 'dispatch to mistress eldale' dialogue that player is to come pick up gems here first"    
TR_m1_T_Rilvin_Dral    "set his Hello to 0 before he sends to 'vital experiment' or he'll say something about your clothes again on exiting the realm. Should perhaps have 0 hello period"    

in_t_railing_pole_rails    Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Archmagister's Chamber    3069    5402    14756    "caspering underneath"   

in_t_housepod_pole_04    Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Archmagister's Chamber    3455    5746    14535    "platform above base of stairs too low to pass normally"

in_t_platform_01    Alt Bosara, Tel Vaerin    5233    4056    17472    "these steps are unclimbable, need invisi statics"
ex_hlaalu_steps_03    Ranyon-ruhn (27,12)    225933    99231    2536    "cannot walk up from base of those stairs, blocked by?? maybe not rotated the way they are meant to be"

ex_t_doorway_01    Gah Sadrith (42,13)    350433    108370    1006    "this 0.61 scale is too small, tiny door below even waistlevel"
T_De_SetTelv_DoorSmallIn_04    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4096    4144    12506    "entering through here snaps down to a hole underneath, possibly unfixable"
T_De_SetTelv_DoorSmallIn_04    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4096    4144    12506    "the outside door should probably be locked too, there's no one inside here"

TR_m1_q_TT_AoSW    Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys: Upper Tower    4689    3370    12192    "tiny value considering the powerful constant effect (or should it be on-use?)"

furn_pottedplant    Ranyon-ruhn, Brelar Gildaren's House    4078    3900    14928    "does nobody else find this model grating? completely clashes with local colours"
furn_pottedplant    Ranyon-ruhn, Arthal Eindari's House    3658    3389    14864    "does nobody else find this model grating? completely clashes with local colours"