Misleading dialogue in Akamora mages guild quest "Striking Roots"





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Striking Roots


In the quest Stiking Roots for the Akamora mages guild, there is some dialouge that doesn’t make sense.
The basic plot of the quest is to gather 40 flowers to make potions to sell to the guards of Akamora.
Ranosa Orrels and Polodie are the NPCs who give you the quest.
When you gather the flowers and report back to Polodie, he tells you to wait two weeks for the flowers to grow.
He also tells you to let Ranosa know that the flowers have been delivered, and to collect a reward from him.
When you talk to Ranosa though, he doesn’t have a topic that gives a reward.
After you wait the two weeks, Polodie will send you to deliver the potions to the master of the guard in the akamora guard tower.
After doing that you can talk to Ranosa and get your reward.

It seems that you aren’t meant to get a reward until the end of the quest, but the dialogue tells you to collect their reward earlier than intended.

Additionally, in the begining of the quest Polodie tells you that a guildmember Francine Aldard can give you scrolls to help complete the quest; however, when she is talked to she doesn’t give you any scrolls.



There’s one bug I forgot to

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There’s one bug I forgot to check out earlier which is probably related to this – the global value TR_m2_MG_Aka_Polodie1reward is defined as == 1 by default. There are greetings where Ranosa gives you scrolls and gold, but they are conditioned on that value being == 0.

edit: just checked out Francine and it’s the same kind of issue, there’s a TR_m2_MG_Aka_Francine1 global that is defined as default 1 but should be 0 too.

(if you want to temporarily fix the issue in your game, it should be doable by typing
set TR_m2_MG_Aka_Polodie1reward to 0
set TR_m2_MG_Aka_Francine1 to 0

in the console, then talking to them)