TR_FilePatcher.jar missing some TR_Mainland.esm interior cells renaming







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After applying TR_FilePatcher.jar to my QuickCharTR mod it misses some renamed cells in scripts:

1) ab01rsMovePlayer13Script: Failed to compile script!
2) Error: Line 565 (31): The object ID 'Nahariba Mammat's Yurt' is not valid!
    Invalid input was received!
3) ab01rsMovePlayer11Script: Failed to compile script!
4) Error: Line 30 (34): The object ID 'Darnim, Alia Neru's Shack' is not valid!
    Invalid input was received!
… there are more of these

5) ab01rsMovePlayer10Script: Failed to compile script!
6) Error: Line 517 (30): The object ID 'Ayemar, Entrance Hall' is not valid!
    Invalid input was received!

Nahariba Mammat's Yurt ---> Sennahanib Camp, Nahariba Mammat's Yurt
Ayemar, Entrance Hall ---> Ammar, Entrance Hall
[EDIT]also some other 
Ayemar,  blah ---> Ammar, blah
Darnim, blah  ---> Ildrim, blah

these COC errors are not catched by compiling in CS, MWedit catches them (maybe also OpennMW CS, did not test/I don’t know if COC syntax in scripts is already implemented)
In game I think the COC to wrong cell name will simply do nothing, making tracking/solving bugs more difficult (well, at least if you are not happy to have bugs simply hidden)



Seems consistent with the 16

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Seems consistent with the 16-08-16 update: Darnim → Ildrim, Ayemar → Ammar & “Sennahanib Camp”
so these cells should be the only errors. I imagine that having the patcher update them wasn’t even thought of.

Given that the patcher

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Given that the patcher actually did cell name changes already, is this simply a matter of adding them with same format in the translation.txt? No particular concern over order?