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A follow-up quest to:

Though the batty old lady in "More Rats?" used unrefined velk nectar as a tea sweetener, the player learns the true purpose of velk nectar (an aide for the Indoril contacting their ancestors) when the ancestors come a-calling.

The fighter's guild steward calls the player back, saying that now instead of noises in the basement, there's been a ghastly moaning sound--rather like a ghost--coming from the old lady's house! After yelling at the player for messing up a simple quest (like that one adventurer in Balmora...), the player is sent again to the old lady's house to discover what is going on.

The old lady is found cowering from a confused and rather peeved Indoril ancestor ghost, who demands to know why they have been summoned by an outlander. The player can choose to try to talk it down (Speechcraft) or just beat it into submission by fighting it.

After being calmed, the ancestor ghost is then impressed by the player, and admits they are intrigued by the old lady's seeming connection to the spirits. He asks the player to escort the old lady to Roa Dyr as her bodyguard, where one of the Indoril can take a look at her and consider hiring her as an Indoril retainer to make use of her talents. On the way there, the old lady occassionally Forcegreets the player with inane comments about the flowers or the weather  and is generally irritating (think Noober from Baldur's Gate I); some of these could hint at her being able to see spirits (carries on a conversation with Great-Uncle So-and-So for instance...).

Upon getting to Roa Dyr and talking to the lord there, he agrees to take the old lady "into examination", give the player a small gold reward and/or a stack of near worthless ingredients for their trouble (value should be small, like 25 gold--gives the impression the Indoril don't really have a concept of paying outlanders for jobs like this), and the player can then return to the Fighter's Guild steward to complete the quest.


considering roa dyr isn't in

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considering roa dyr isn't in the most recent scope, should the player take her to vhul? the previous quest sends you to vhul, though this is a different building/npc. I'm thinking "take her to the docks and put her on a boat to necrom" never to be seen again

The docks wouldn't be far

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The docks wouldn't be far enough to warrant an escort and the piece with the annoying Forcegreetings. Perhaps St. Seryn's Infirmary? It could be implied they might not hire her so much as try to cure her of her insanity and/or this ability to speak with spirits that no outlander should have (only proper Indoril!).

Other choices are Felms Ithul or Vhul. Not keen on Vhul myself, though I'm not sure if Felms Ithul is large enough to warrant her being taken there either.

Or we could just fix the mess that is Roa Dyr so it CAN be released. Hurr hurr hurr. cheeky

On a semi-related note, I

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On a semi-related note, I assume Almas Thirr is also in a section file that can't be released with OE so she can't be taken there, but maybe this woman can be referenced/show up again as an Easter Egg during the Speaker of the Dead quests there...

leaving this comment as a

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leaving this comment as a note/reminder to myself - gnomey suggested dondril because the hetman used to be a witchhunter in her past and is loosely affiliated with the indoril
that also works because this is an escort quest and I don't hate the players enough to make them run much further than that

I was going to add that St.

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I was going to add that St. Seryn's Infirmary might end up being the best location if we go with the "Indoril just trying to shush this woman up", as based on this quest design: --but, overall I like Roa Dyr the best out of all options.

Should we need to change the destination to release this, what are the triggers for the Forcegreetings based on?

the forcegreetings are the

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the forcegreetings are the last things I need to add, I was planning on making them just timer based. much easier and doesn't have the potential to break if someone uses fast travel. 

st. seryn's infirmary might actually be a better idea, that'll be my alternative in case roa dyr feels like too long of a walk.