Archaeology Ancestral Tomb


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Exterior location TBD. (Claimer, feel free to suggest)

A Dunmer ancestral tomb with a connection to a Dwemer ruin further in. This interior to be made specially for the Archaeology plotline, and should include monsters and other features as listed below:

Things to consider in making this claim:
--The player will be escorting a Dunmer priest and/or commoner through the first part of the dungeon, who will commune with the Ancestors to ask permission to go deeper.
--The player will need to clean out the ruin to make it safe. (AKA, monsters should not respawn, or respawn very slowly.)
--Part of the ruin is blocked off by a puzzle door.
--Past this door is a room that was used to make Dwemer centurions.
--Why is a Dwemer ruin connected with a Dunmer ancestral tomb? Notes, inscriptions, or a journal may give a clue.


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