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A plotline of 5 quests centered around the Imperial Archaeological Society in Helnim. See child claims for the individual quests and the associated interior. Also see here for associated Dwemer schematics to be used in Quest 4, Beyond the Door:

Quest 1: A New Lead
Quest 2: Asking for Permission
Quest 3: Safety First
Quest 4: Beyond the Door
Quest 5: Archaeology Isn’t Scavenging!



For quest pack claims: If you

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For quest pack claims:
If you use common topics, look for placeholder dialog entries containing "BEGIN TR QUESTS PLUGIN" and "END TR QUESTS PLUGIN" and place new dialogue between them - this will avoid later trouble. You'll find the placeholders above vanilla dialogue for greetings, and at the top for topics ("latest rumors" etc).

Are there any dialogue

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Are there any dialogue entries that breadcrumb the player here? From other dig sites / cities. It's surprisingly a hard building to find and is on the very opposite side of the city.

IIRC this was already brought

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IIRC this was already brought up on chat but the questline would make a lot more sense in Old Ebonheart than in Helnim (not just because the helnim IAS is still meant as a trampoline to the kemel-ze questline which would eclipse this one, but also because thematically ancestral tombs are very important to the thirr region, not so to the helnim/telvannis area),
and the reason for placing this in helnim was that OE wasn't released yet, but I've since learned that the quest pack is meant to involve TR_Preview anyway?

Originally I tied it to

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Originally I tied it to Helbim because Helnim's IAS was devoid of quests. Since Helnim will likely be getting a plotline once Kemel-Ze is completed, and we don't have any other plans for Old Ebonheart, I'm okay moving it to be based out of there instead.