Ashes to Ashes


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Quest Giver
A random NPC in a town sufficiently removed from Necrom

Quest Objective
An item
An NPC in Ghostgate of Temple Faction rank ("faras thirano"?)

Type of Quest
Delivery Quest

Temple Faction Reputation
Reputation (?, perhaps if Gold is refused)

Short Summary
Deliver the ashes of a dead family to Necrom.

Temple Faction rank of (?)
Dagoth Ur must be alive

Assets Involved
2-3 NPCs with unique dialogue
1-2 cells with unique dialogue
1 item (urn/ashes)

  1. The PC is approached in a town by a given NPC which already exists in a given location. The NPC should have additional spawns in entrance locations (bridges/docks or similar) and a force greeting when conditions are met.
  2. The NPC is asked to collect and deliver the ashes of an entire family (of which the NPC is the last living member) to Necrom so it can strengthen the Great Ghostfence. The family is notable for having largely died in the Arnesian War to Argonians skirmishers. The NPC is too old to go all the way themselves and the PC has accrued sufficient reputation to be trusted enough to do it.
  3. Since the NPC themselves know they are going to die very soon, the PC is asked to wait until they pass on. This is to be timed for 2 weeks, after which the PC gets a journal entry suggeting to check on the NPC.
  4. When inquiring in the town, the PC is informed that the NPC is dead and that their ashes have been intombed with their family in the local temple.
  5. The PC approaches a given Temple Faction member in the local temple, who had been informed of the last wishes of the NPC and hands over the urn. Alternatively, the PC might just collect the named urn without talking to anybody.
  6. If taking the urn without having talked to a Temple member, perhaps a battle involving an irate ancestor who doesn't want to leave their familiar town/is extremely unhappy about having to strengthen the Ghostgate instead of doling out advice happens.
  7. The PC travels to Necrom and delivers the urn to a contact in the Catacombs.
  8. The PC receives a gold and Temple Faction Reputation reward.


I think this is far better

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I think this is far better suited to being a Temple faction quest rather than a misc. quest. Carrying ancestral ashes to Necrom is a very sacred and important task that the old mer would have entrusted to the local priest to organise.
Edit: It is tagged as Temple, but the set-up seems much more misc-y. The questgiver should be the local priest. It'd be nice to tie the journey to Necrom to a pilgrimage as well. Perhaps stop by some sacred place where one of the ancestors was involved thousands of years earlier.

Yes, also, gold Gold rewards

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Yes, also,


Gold rewards should be avoided for the Temple,

An NPC in Ghostgate of Temple Faction rank ("faras thirano"?)

This must b a mistake or leftover, rather a NPC in Necrom?

Dagoth Ur must be alive

Is Necrom supposed to close up shop after the main quest? That wasn't its initial concept, though the direct link to the Great Ghostfence wasn't either


especially if this person is the last of their family and there is no-one to take care of their ancestral tomb/pit in the temple anyway it would still make sense to send them to the catacombs, the state of the Dagoth Ur story would be better reflected in variants/changes in dialogue than by blocking the quest

I can claim this as a Quest

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I can claim this as a Quest Dialogue Writer, if need be.

Please send coffee and energy drinks to fuel my writing addiction.

Thank you in advance, sera!

Ash-to-Ashes   (Note:

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(Note: Questgiver Dialogue is going to be relatively vague and nonspecific as at the time of writing this, the location of person or said quest is unknown to the quest writer.)


NPC Questgiver:

“The latest task we have for you, < temple rank>, is a simple one. An elder at <XYZ> is nearing death and has requested assistance in helping him in some final tasks. Here are the directions for how to get to said region. His name is Ziril Ra’am, ask around the village on where to find him, or better yet ask the temple priest as they would know where he is exactly.”


Journal Update:

I have been tasked on helping a dying elder by the name of Ziril Ra’am, at the village of <XYZ>. I do not know what the task is I am helping the elder with.


At the village…..(I am going to presume the player can ask around how to find the village or find instructions for it or be given it by the quest giver)


Journal Update:
I have arrived to the village. I should ask around where to find the old man.


The new topic shows up, it being the name of the old man. The player will get directions to the old man, with ordinary citizens giving vague details. And the temple priest giving specific instructions for how to get the old dunmer, as she knows where he lives exactly.


When the player finds the old man, he should use topic of his name. The old man will reply.


“Yes, that is me. I presume you are the <temple rank> <player name> that the Temple sent to help me with one final task.”


The player will have only option at this point.


→ “Yes, I am.”


Continue from “Yes, I am

“Good! Ah, yes I am looking for someone to help me take my family’s ashes to Necrom to help fuel the Ghostfence. It is the last thing we can do in service to Morrowind, Tribunal, and our people. And I cannot take the ashes myself as I am too weak to make the journey and will more than likely die soon, which is why I have asked the Temple to help me with this task.


Anyways, to the point. As a last request I would like you to comeback in a couple of weeks, because I will surely be dead by then, and take my remaining ashes, alongside the rest of family, to Necrom so that we can serve Morrowind once more. The local priest, XYZ name, at the local temple will have our ashes ready, sanctified, and ready for taking to Necrom when you come back.”



Service to Morrowind

“The majority of my family was slaughtered by Argonian Skirmishers in the Arnesian War.”


>Arnesian War

“Bloody, brutal affair, outlander. Damn scaly-beasts decided to torture Saint Roris, then a trader, demanding that he renounced the tribunal. He did not. In the proper response, the Tribunal Temple finally had enough at that point, announcing war against the Argonians. My family was killed by Argonian skirmishers in their beds; slaughered by brothers, sisters, and my parents. The only reason I am alive is that I was taking the fight to them…I miss my family dearly and I am glad my time has come at last. I lived a long, hard, but good life have no regrets.”


Journal Update:
“I have talked to the elder dunmer, who has instructed me to come back in a couple of weeks and talk to the local Temple priest, who will have his ashes ready.”


A couple of weeks pass by.


Journal Update:

“A couple of weeks have passed by. I should check on the old man and see if he has passed on, to see if his families ashes are ready to be sent to Necrom.”


The player comes back to said location. When asking about the old man, new dialogue shows up.


Topic: Ziril Ra’am

“Poor Ziril finally passed on. Last few years has been rough on him, as he could not get around as much and his son’s are in (Big City Location of the Region). He has lived alone the past few years, shame really.”


The priest will have a new topic being Ziril Ra’am’s Ashes.


Priest Response:

“Yes, here are the ashes of his family in this urn. Watch out, it is heavy. Thank you, <player name>. It is nice to see even outlanders show respect and caring to the elders, in a time when even children forget to take care of their parents.


Go to Necrom and ask for <NPC Name>. You will be directed to the proper person who will handle the ashes.


And before I forget, here is a note Ziril left for you.”


The package will say:


“Hello <Player Name>,


Thank you for helping me with this task. Very people are left in this world that seem to care about me, even my children don’t seem to care about me. So for a strange such as yourself to do this for me is something I am thankful for, even it is just you doing your job.


Inside is a biography of mine. The book is simple but my family had a personal tradition of writing the biography of every person in the family, so that we could remember our ancestors in some way. And it seems while my children are uninterested in my past, I give this to you, to hold onto and remember me by. It makes accepting death easier that I will something more just ashes to someone but an actual person at one point.


Thank you sera,

Ziril Ra’am”


Journal Update:

I have received the ashes from local Temple priest and have been asked to take them to Necrom. And as final gift Ziril has left me a biography of his life, asking me to keep it.


The quest continues with the player making a pilgrim to Necrom, where they ask about topic <NPC Name>, which will give directions to the proper person (I don’t know who they are or where they are).


At the person, the player ask the person about topic Ziril Ra’am’s Ashes, which the person responds.


“Ah, yes! We have been expecting you, <player temple rank>. Very well hand me the ashes.”


At this point, ashes are removed.


“Thank you, <player temple rank> <player name>. You have done a good thing for Ziril, and for Morrowind as whole.”


Journal Update:

I have traveled to Necrom and given the ashes to <NPC Name>. She tells thanks me for this. I completed the task and received an interesting book in turn.

That ends the quest.

Willing to take some critiques as this is a rough draft as the quest in the current state is kind of....vaguness in its depth. I add the fact that the old man has children, just have not taken care of him. I can easily tear that out, alongside the biography as that might come off as sappy.  And looking at the previous conversation above me it seems I might have to unless I want to make the children skooma addicts or somewhere else in the world.

Please send coffee and energy drinks to fuel my writing addiction.

Thank you in advance, sera!

How would the old man know

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How would the old man know the player name and rank and know they were coming to assist him?   You need to be more aware of your situation or dialogue when it comes to writing quests. A lot of times these contracts go out to people in guilds and no one has any idea who the person coming to help them will be.  Also I would refrain from having journal updates when the player reaches the town. Only give a general update if the player asks about the old man from either the temple or someone who lives in the town. Otherwise the player could simply bypass journal updates and find the old man himself directly. 

 also, in general your dialogue is not in the tone of Morrowind. You may want to redo the dialogue for the old man, and take a more solemn approach to the tone of the dialogue. calling argonians "scaly-beasts" is a big no-go from me, for example.

What I was thinking is the

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What I was thinking is the local priest tells the old man who was coming, giving him a general description of the person so he would know what he would look like. However the priest herself/himself would not know, so there is that so I will need to edit that.

As for the scaly-beasts, yeah I could probably do that better. I was trying to give an emphasis on the old man being a little hateful against Argonians for what they did, as he fought them during the Arnesian War.

Thanks for the feedback!

Please send coffee and energy drinks to fuel my writing addiction.

Thank you in advance, sera!