Bluffs Cave Dwelling #1


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Velothi Cave Dwelling. Inhabited by a poor fisher in the Ascadian Bluffs.

Nothing special here, this is the last honest person around.


This seems like a simple and

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This seems like a simple and fun place to start. I'll try to make it interesting without overcluttering it, but I thought the simple addition of a smaller, very cheap but still somewhat upscale piece of jewelry (obviously non-magical) like a passed down heirloom could be nice, kept somewhere close to a sleeping space? My concept would stick close to the original, but I am kind of picturing their integrity coming from a more conservative nostalgia. Maybe a religious book, and the amulet implicating that the fisherman's family was once better off? 

This is a very dumb question,

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This is a very dumb question, but what is the appropriate tileset for Velothi cave dwellings? Does it have a unique one or is it just a cave? This is a new interior type for me. Or is it like the Gnisis ones? 

If it's any help/inspiration

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If it's any help/inspiration TR also has cave dwellings in Ashamul, Bahrammu and Hlersis,
seems to be a "in_velothicave_" set.

Went ahead and uploaded the

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Went ahead and uploaded the work. I wasn't sure about naming conventions, since I couldn't find a guideline on interior names in the TR Modder's Guide. So I named it TR_Bluffs Cave Dwelling as a provisional title. I additionally assumed I was not supposed to add an NPC. 

Edit: Just realized that I forgot to set "Illegal to Sleep Here."

Clean- YesIllegal to Sleep

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- Set
Northmarker- Not present
Lighting- Good

iron dagger
misc_flask_01 x2
T_IngFood_FishSlaughterDried_01 x2


Bled rug into the floor.
Replaced lights with lower-powered versions.
Renamed cell from "TR_Bluffs Cave Dwelling" to "TR_Bluffs Cave Dwelling #1"
Added a misc_de_fishing_pole ref.
Removed dependency on TR_Mainland.esm

Nice little interior!

The usual process is that

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The usual process is that your claim will recieve a final check by a lead and then be merged into the relevant section file, but in the case of these Bluffs interiors there isn't yet an exterior location to link them with so it'll probably hang around in review for a while.