Bluffs Cave Dwelling #2


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Velothi Cave Dwelling. Inhabited by a poor fisher in the Ascadian Bluffs.

This person tries to escape crushing poverty by smuggling. Drugs, alcohol, maybe one piece of ebony or glass should be hidden away somewhere.


I know folks are busy with

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I know folks are busy with high priority things, but I have some free time and want to keep modding. So I would like to put this together just as advertized while my other claim is in review (if that is allowed. If not, I'll just wait!) 

Nope, that's fine. Have at!

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Nope, that's fine. Have at! (Also, make sure you actually put your other in review, by turning the development progress to 100 and then clicking the review button on the claim's main page))

Perhaps make this a Dwarven

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Perhaps make this a Dwemer artifact smuggler who also cautiously (after a small dialogue) barters with the PC?
Ebony or Glass (as per description) would make no sense since they're not illegal to be traded, unlike Dwarven items.

Hm, that's a very good point.

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Hm, that's a very good point. But one can still smuggle ebony since there's a tarriff or tax they would be dodging right? These are fisherman. I hid two pieces of raw ebony in the miner's grill under a fire which I thought would be a clever way of hiding stolen ebony (since I think it's very hard to burn.) I imagine Dwemer artifacts could stand up to heat, though, maybe I could do that instead? 

Ebony and Glass actually

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Ebony and Glass actually belong to the Emperor and trading in the raw stuff is illegal (unless you are the EEC or subject to an Imperial operation, apparently). It might be poorly/barely implemented beyond some replies, but it's there, for Ebony more than Glass.

Alright! Wrapped this up and

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Alright! Wrapped this up and had a lot of fun with this one. I was a little bit more experimental this time with placement and rotation, but I tried to take and correct some of the amateurish mistakes in the first cave dwelling. That said, there's a sack that I wasn't sure precisely how much to bleed, and I had to bleed the larger table a bit in order to get it to stay perfectly flat. I went ahead with my plan of hiding two pieces of ebony in the grill, and I tried to rotate them to lay perfectly flat, but hopefully that won't be as much of an issue since it would be impossible to see them from any angle but above. Other than that, it's a poor fisherman's cave dwelling. Cheap food, cheap clothes, cheap decor, a cheap weapon for self defense (and chitin gauntlets I imagine he uses to handle the heated ebony when he's ready to move it.) I gave him a couple of extra stools for when his friends come over and he's a bit of a drinker. I always take advice, in case anyone has it. 


Regarding the uneven table

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Regarding the uneven table legs; I personally prefer they not bleed at all, or only enough so that three legs are on the ground, but the way you've positioned it is also acceptable (though I've raised it a little in my reviewed file). The bleed on the sack is good.

Clean- YesIllegal to Sleep

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- Set
Northmarker- Present
Lighting- Good

chitin war axe


Added a furn_coals_hot ref in the fireplace, adjusted the position/scale of the logs and ebony a bit.
Reduced the bleed on T_De_FurnP_Table_01 a little.

Nice work, again! The ebony hidden in the fireplace is a good touch.