A Breadcrumb Trail


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A Breadcrumb Trail 

Urien Poralia, a nobleman's son from Cyrodiil, is living his life to the fullest. He spends most of his days drinking away his family's fortunes, that is. Recently Poralia went on a horrendous bar crawl which has left him with a paralyzing, amnestia-endusing hangover and some of his possession's missing. The door to Poralia's house is locked, but the key can be found lying on the ground at the door. Urien Poralia, almost too hungover to speak, asks the player to help him. The player is to follow a breadcrumb trail of drunken mayhem and find the missing items: 

*a family ring 
*a pair of wolfskin gloves 
*Urien's journal 
*a Poralia family heirloom shortsword

Urien Poralia says he can't remember much, but knows that the first place he visited was the Moth and Tiger inn. Valia Vautere, the publican in the Moth and Tiger, says that she has the missing family ring, but she won't give it back until the situation in the upstairs room which Urien Poralia used is taken care of (”What situation? Oh, you'll see.”). The player is given a key to the said room where they'll find that there is an empty crate and a mudcrab there. Apparently, Poralia thought it'd be funny prank to leave such a present behind. Once the mudcrab is dead Valia Vautere will give back the family ring and tell the player that after the Moth and Tiger Urien Poralia crossed the street to the Legion Boarding House. 

Ulka gra-Bol, a legion recruit in the Boarding House, will tell the player that she won the wolfskin gloves from Urien Polaria in a fair game of dice; she challenges the player to win them back (a Luck check?). After winning the gloves back they player is told by Ulka gra-Bol that Urien Polaria said he'd be going to the Empress Katariah next. 

Naamalvu Erendi, the publican of Empress Katariah, says that Urien Poralia came in, drank a lot and left without paying or saying a word and leaving his journal on the bar. She will agree to give the journal to the player after they've paid Urien Poralia's bar tab (50 drakes?). She doesn't know where Urien Poralia went next, but if the player reads Poralia's journal–which he kept as ”log book” during the drunken crawl–they'll find out that Poralia headed to the Salty Futtocks Sailors’ Inn next. 

In the upstairs of the Salty Futtocks the player will find Alcibius, an acrobat, who tells the player Urien tried to pay him with an old heirloom sword and broke its blade trying to demonstrate its 'awesome power' whilst swinging from a chandelier. Alcibius will give one part of the blade to the player. The other half, he says, Urien Poralia went and threw in to the dungheap in the alley behind the tavern. The player finds the rest of the heirloom shortsword there and returns back to Urien Poralia. 

Urien Poralia will thank the player for returning his missing possession's and gives them a reward of some gold as well as three bottles of wine (”Never going to drink again.”).


IDs of pre-existing broken sword items for reference (create new items based on those):