Brother Against Brother


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Summary: Two Velothi brothers are interested in joining either House Indoril or House Hlaalu. When one of them discovers a stolen Indoril helmet in the shop of a Khajiit, the decision is forced on them. One brother wishes to steal the helmet and thus align himself with House Hlaalu, while the other one wants to return the helmet to the Indoril and thus align himself with House Indoril.


assets needed:
Hlarven Berend, a Velothi Dunmer (male)
Madril Berend, a Velothi Dunmer (male)
Enchanted House Indoril helmet (NOT an Ordinator helmet, but whatever the Indoril guards wear)

possible rewards:
Enchanted House Indoril helmet (enchantment should be partially detrimental, such as a decrease to Willpower but a boost to Charisma)
gold (300?)

Hlarven and Madril Berend are two Dunmer brothers found in Old Ebonheart, in The Moth and Tiger. Madril is a Dunmer of honor and honesty, and dreams of joining House Indoril someday, while Hlarven, a Dunmer more interested in mercantile and schemes, thinks they would be better off joining House Hlaalu.

The issue is forced when Madril finds an Indoril helmet in Anjzhirra’s Rare Goods in Old Ebonheart and believes the Khajiit shopkeeper stole it from an Indoril tomb. He thinks this should be reported to Great House Indoril so they may take care of it properly. Hlarven, on the other hand, thinks they should just steal the helmet back and return it to the tomb themselves.

The player first decides which brother to help. The player can either steal the helmet from the shop (they can either buy it from Anjzhirra or steal it off the counter) to help Hlarven, or they can try to convince Hlarven to not go through with the theft to help Madril.

If the player steals the helmet, Hlarven thanks them and gives them a gold reward, saying he’ll return the helmet himself. Madril finds out however, and refuses to speak to the player. Later, rumors indicate that Hlarven left Old Ebonheart to join House Hlaalu, and sold the helmet for a hefty sum instead of returning it to the tomb. Madril has never forgiven him for this.

If the player tries to convince Hlarven out of stealing the helm, Hlarven says he can't believe Madril would betray him in this way, and vows to get the helmet whatever it takes. (Regardless of disposition/speechcraft, this is the outcome.) When the player returns to Madril, Madril says he reluctantly reported his brother to the authorities for his crime. He asks the player to beg his brother to repent one last time when they go before House Indoril leadership to face justice.  They leave for Roa Dyr (specifically, Ilvi Mansion, standing in the same room as Draler Ilvi). If the player talks to Hlarven before the move, Hlarven refuses to speak, still muttering angrily about Madril’s betrayal.

After traveling to Roa Dyr, the player has one last chance to persuade Hlarven to repent. (Draler Ilvi can be considered the judge of this hearing, though practically speaking, I’m not sure if the dialogue needs to go through him at all, as it’s just one more fedex step for the purposes of the quest.) If persuaded, Hlarven repents, but is tasked with going on a pilgrimage to Saint Aralor’s Monastery as his punishment. Marvin thanks the player for saving his brother from further dishonor and gives them a gold reward. When asked about the Great House issue, the brothers only say they will have to discuss it while on the pilgrimmage. The two brothers will next reappear in the Monastery in Roth Roryn.

If Hlarven is not persuaded, he demands a duel of honor with his brother. Madril proves to be the stronger, killing Hlarven. He tells the player he is saddened it came to this, and gives the player the helmet, saying the thing must be cursed and they don't want to look at it anymore. If asked about the Great House issue, Madril says he can’t think of it just now, still grieving for his brother.