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Miscellaneous quests for Vul (http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?t=24672), a small Velothi town in Indoril lands. As such, important themes are the relation between local Velothi and the Temple and local Velothi and the Indoril. This town is home to a tong of swindlers, the Syvvit Tong, and as such relations between local Velothi and outlanders should also be explored.

faction: associated with House Indoril, but open to all characters
questgiver: Ilvi or one of his retainers
reward: access to Roa Dyr's services for non-Indoril players or something nice for Indoril players.

summary: Ilvi suspects a House Hlaalu-Syvvit Tong link and asks the player to investigate.
The player will not be able to find any conclusive evidence of such a link, as the link does not actually exist, but the player will manage to dig up some dirt on the Syvvit Tong nonetheless:
a. one of the top members of the ST (the one who lives in Vhul #5, formerly 'Othrensis, Seran Draylis' House') regularly pilfers a bit of the Velk brew while 'helping out' at the brewery to enjoy in his hut. Much worse than just theft, by imbibing the drink of nobility he shows a (to Indoril) shocking lack of humility and awareness of his station.
b. other than that, there could be a few random rumours floating about that are nothing more than rumours about the guild and its various members.
c. finally, with some persuasion the player will be able to convince some members of the ST to voluntarily leave the organization.
After his investigations, the player will be able to report back to Ilvi:
1. if the player defends the ST of all wrongdoings, Ilvi will remain unimpressed, leading to a small disposition drop and probably ending the quest. The player either gets no reward or a very paltry one (loose change).
2. the player can also defend the ST, but point out the individual misdeed(s) he has uncovered. Ilvi might apply to the Order of the Inquisition or something to restore faith in Vhul, but will otherwise leave the ST be. The player is decently rewarded for his troubles; maybe a nice Indoril item or something.
3. finally, the player can use the information he has uncovered -- real or imagined -- to paint the ST black. Ilvi will shut it down, effectively removing most of Vhul's services, but in return non-Indoril players will gain access to Roa Dyr's services, while Indoril players will get some other nice reward.
4. if the player tries to discredit the ST without any evidence, he will get a minor disposition drop with Ilvi, who will tell him to do his job properly so that Ilvi can pass judgement properly, but otherwise the quest will go on.

The important points of this quest are that only one member of the ST is doing something explicitly demanding reprimand; and that the Syvvit Tong are already guilty of subversion in Ilvi's eyes, but he feels duty-bound as an Indoril to properly weigh the case before rushing to judgement. Ilvi cannot be convinced that the ST is above reproach due to his prejudice, but can be convinced to lay the blame on a part of the organization rather than the whole.


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