Burnt Out Ashlander Camp


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An Ashlander camp that was massacred by Ordinators, leaving no surivors. If the Ashlander ashkhan's corpse is present, "Sul" should be a part of his name. No interiors, unless the exterior dev wants to punish themselves by creating those, too. This should be located so that Drakehold is partway between it and Necrom, somewhere in the lands of TR_Mainland.



Granted to trifxn. What is

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Granted to trifxn.

What is not mentioned in the writeup: it would be really nice if the entire thing had some activators that would make the camp look devastated after the Morrowind main quest ends, so you could visit it before and after.
Since this is not supposed to have any interiors, it should not cause issues on the minimap.

Thank you for granting it to

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Thank you for granting it to me!

I see. So you mean, before completing the main quest it is intact and has NPCs etc.

I'll try my best.

A side question though. Since

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A side question though. Since I'm new to the team, I don't really know some basics. I need to ask you, which ESPs and ESMs should I check/activate in the Construction Set?

When working on claims, you

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When working on claims, you should have the Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon and Tamriel_Data ESMs loaded.

Since this claim is located in Mainland, you should use the TR_Mainland.esp section file to find the location you want to work in, but once you've got your cells cut out into a seperate file, only the four ESMs above should be loaded alongside your ESP.

That looks like a camp which

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That looks like a camp which would have interiors (which we specifically do not care to have) and it's way too big. We're not looking for something that's as big as the main tribes' ones are.

So I've got quite the problem

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So I've got quite the problem. To work on this camp, I only opened up the Construction Set ONCE. I saved and closed it yesterday night. I checked the camp in-game and everything was okay. Now I can't find the ESP in the Construction Set, meaning I can't work on the file. It appears as an ESP in the Launcher, and in-game it's there, but I can't find the file in the Construction Set.

Okay so I don't know what the

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Okay so I don't know what the fuss was all about, but apparently I just had to edit the file from .ESP to .esp. No idea.

Important question: I am not

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Important question:

I am not sure what kind of fire I should use for the camp. I think the fire I added is a bit odd.


Everything's almost finished.

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Everything's almost finished. All I need to do is fix and change a few little things, but other than that, it's done. I also need to find out how to make doors "inactive" so they can't be opened.

But there's something I really regret saying, but there's nothing I can do about it. I joined this project as an Exterior Developer, and I intend to work on what I know about. Unfortunately, I have no idea of scripitng. If anyone is willing to either help me add 2 different versions of the same camp, or do it themselves, I'd appreciate it. But at the moment, I am unable to do this task.

Thank you for letting me work on this.

As for having 2 versions of

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As for having 2 versions of the camp, it doesn't actually involve much scripting, and it would only require having one set of objects with one script (any objects that are already there and need to disappear in the second version) and another set of objects with a second script (those that aren't originally there and appear in the second version). Optionally that second set of objects could instead be regular objects placed by one script, but the first set of objects needs to be scripted for them to disappear. It's still a hassle and you have to re-create any "Static" objects in the "Activator" category, because statics can't have scripts. For this you may first need to unpack the model from the Morrowind.bsa archive and recreate its folder structure in the Data Files folder if they are not already there, to be able to point to the model's filepath when creating a new activator. Since data for the quest doesn't exist yet the scripts themselves can just be empty and disable by default:





Making doors "inactive": that sounds like tents that would need interiors, which may be a problem judging from the posts above. That said I don't know if there are ashlander tents that don't need interiors or enough elements to make an ashlander camp without these tents.

Description isn't very clear

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Description isn't very clear but yes, I think the idea is that the camp can't be used for anything else since it's getting destroyed so it doesn't warrant additional interiors,
but I don't know of any open yurts in the files so I'm not claiming a legit ashlander camp can be made out of whatever non-tent assets are available. Maybe some of the recently added overhangs can help, or maybe there's no way around making interiors for this.

I think we will soon come to

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I think we will soon come to the realization that interiors are needed, in order for this camp to work properly.

But I will give those Overhangs a shot, maybe they'll help.

It's supposed to be a small

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It's supposed to be a small camp of Nerevarine cult fanatics who need to be more mobile than even the nomadic Ashlanders because they've taken up raiding people in the Nerevarine's name.

There's a dozen minor Ashlander camps with no or only one Yurt in Morrowind themselves, so it's not unprecedenced. Setting this camp up around the dead Silt Strider as the only "big" structure, with a couple overhangs, sacks, rugs, and a bed for everyone, that's about right for it I think.

If trifxn absolutely insists on it, one actual Yurt interior is fine. More is overkill.