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The lair of a Necromancer, needed for the quest "Ghost in a Gem" (

Relevant description from the quest text:
"....though the [Mages] Guild had assumed that the necromancer's lair was uninhabited – which why they sent a rookie to explore it in the first place – they are now suspecting they were direly wrong.

"Indeed, the necromancer, Vohur, is still very much alive and is confronted by the player soon after they enter the cavern. Vohur will taunt the player and tell them that they'll soon share Missa Rhyle's fate – an eternity in Vohur's captivity. The player fights and defeats Vohur and a number of his undead minions. After the battle the player hears a voice crying for help: it's Missa Rhyle, communicating telepathically with the player. She tells the player that she only narrowly escaped Vohur's minions. She says she's now trapped in a dark room, in the farthest corner of the cavern, and is afraid to come out. With a key found on Vohur the player can now explore the rest of the cavern. There are a few undead minions left to resist the player as they search for Missa Rhyle. As they are reaching a final locked door Missa Rhyle says they can feel the player's footsteps. She must be behind that door. The player opens the door and enters the room. There are skeletal remains here and there, signs of a struggle perhaps, but no one alive in sight. Missa Rhyle calls the player again, asking where they are. The player will tell Missa that they are in the room she said she was in. Missa says she can't see the player and asks them to light the torches. The player will tell her that the torches are already lit – have been the whole time. Missa becomes somewhat distraught and says she doesn't understand. The player will explore the room. On a crude altar there is a dagger and some necromantic tome. Behind the altar there lies a dead body, that of Missa Rhyle. She has been killed. Near the body is a soul gem."


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Sorry, who are you? You need

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Sorry, who are you? You need to post an interiors showcase and be approved as a modder before you can take on any claims.

Layout Draft - Cavern Of

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Layout Draft - Cavern Of Ghand - Level 1 (The Caves)

Okay, so I have the first level ready for a look. Before I go on, let me talk a bit about the direction I went with this as the instructions were a little loose, I hope I am not wrong in doing this.

First, as this was near the end of this quest chain, I wanted the dungeon itself to feel impressive and large. I wanted to create a space worth exploring, and wanted to enforce multiple ways in which a character could go about exploring that space. I thought it would be a good idea to separate Ghand (A underground daedric ruin, turned into a necromancer's lair), from the Caverns, a winding network of caves. Obviously there is a straight shot from the entrance to Ghand, however this would likely be secured by a lock 70/80/100 door. A key would be on some dead necromancer's apprentice, whose body you could find, along with notes regarding the mistreatment he endured at the hands of his master. The caves should have lots to explore, be littered with undead, and create a very claustrophobic feeling.


I won’t go into more detail than this, as the product in it’s current stage is a Draft Layout, and subject to drastic change. I do feel separating the Necromancer's lair from the explorative portion of the cave will remain.


What you have above is just the layout pass. I did the base layout, added in additional rocky formations and additions (Not doing flora yet) to get a feel for how movement within the space is. Also to allow myself to gain a comfort zone when working with cave tiles as this is my first ever attempt to do so. (Again, this is only the SECOND int I have ever done.)


I really want feedback on how I can make this more believable, and improve my quality overall. If anyone would like to chat with me directly, I am ALWAYS available on discord, you can find me under the user name “Jay”.


Thank you all for your time.

This is looking pretty good

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This is looking pretty good already, I especially like it's very non-linear since this is for one of the later quests.

The only real thing that I'm not a fan of are the overly repeating rocks (such as in_mud_rock_07) to create some kind of walkway and cave wall. The "in_mudboulder" pieces can instead be used very well together with the "in_mud_rock" ones to create much more natural looking walkways. You can check out "Basan-Dur" and "Ilnakubi" in the TR_Preview file to see what I mean. And for the cave wall bit simply mix in some more other rocks.