Cleansing of the Temple


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Miscellaneous quests for Vhul (, a small Velothi town in Indoril lands. As such, important themes are the relation between local Velothi and the Temple and local Velothi and the Indoril. This town is home to a tong of swindlers, the Syvvit Tong, and as such relations between local Velothi and outlanders should also be explored.

faction: associated with the Temple, but open to all characters
questgiver: a priest in Vhul's temple
reward: service discount/access to services in Vhul's Temple

summary: A priest in Vhul's temple will complain to the player about the peddlar who has set up shop within temple grounds. He wants the player to convince the peddlar to leave. (If the player disbanded the Syvvit Tong in Quest 1 this quest will be resolved, and the priest will simply thank the player for getting rid of the troublesome peddlar and give him the reward. Similarly, the player can complete this quest as part of Quest 1).
Other than ratting the ST out to Ilvi, the player can complete this quest by:
1. intimidating the peddlar or outright attacking him. In the latter case the peddlar will flee a certain distance, and then combat will stop and the quest will update.
2. perhaps blackmailing the peddlar in some way.
3. if the player improves the peddlar's disposition past a certain point, the peddlar will agree to stop peddling.
4. finally, the player can preach to the peddlar. (This will probably just involve the player quoting a semi-significant line from a book. Maybe there's a good line in one of TR's saint books?)
The reward will be greater if the priest likes how the player handled the situation. (The solutions are ordered from worst (1) to best (4)). The best reward will include a service discount for that priest (or even that whole temple), or, if the player is not a Temple member, will allow the player to do business with that priest/that temple.


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Put back into design, as

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Put back into design, as claiming this should be handled through the Syvvit Tong Quests parent claim.