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This is adamantum’s showcase, a quest to collect cursed gems given by the enchanter in the Old Ebonheart Mages Guild.
I’ve only adapted it to the new Old Ebonheart files and fixed a bug that made it impossible to start – comments in the old threads haven’t been addressed.


Playtesting, comments: The

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Playtesting, comments:

The first journal entry when picking the diamond should suggest the topic name? else put 'cursed gems' in Maniel’s greeting, otherwise it can be lost in a large topic list,

TR_i3-280_ingred_cursed_diamond    TR_i3-280_Basement    "the diamond sparking the quest is very easy to miss. can a little light effect be added? some shine? scale up the diamond? especially since it's so close to the door + you just don't see it at all when entering the cell. maybe a very small version of the glittering one from the telvanni tower?"   

TR_m3_ManielSylbenitte – The 'you know, those pesky daedric ruins when a thing pops behind you' line of speech makes it sound like raiding daedric altars is a normal thing for MG members. It’s really talking to the player, not the player character.
TR_m3_ManielSylbenitte – "''And I have to tell you - if it wasn't for you to warn me, I'd probably be dead by now! The daedra are not a thing to be toyed with'' sounds too... obvious"

TR_m3_Zissicheeiva    "this npc right next will probably have to be moved elsewhere and not enchanter service" rather the other way around

TR_m3_q_XX_DremoraLord    "on talking to Maniel one week later, immediately get the journal entry about summoning a demora lord and having been able to kill it... except that’s before he summons it and before even killing it. Entry should be on its death"   

TR_m3_q_XX_GemChest    "maybe this should be disabled after he's done with the experiment"    
TR_m3_q_XX_GemChest    "also needs to be made still unactivable in the second week at least"   

TR_m3_q_XX_Dremora    "give a silent death voice for these and him? otherwise they'll deathanimate when entering the cell. or replace this one and them with already-dead versions? checking ''corpses persist'' makes them dead on load."

scrib – "shouldn't that scrib disappear eventually? or else have the mages comment about that constant noise?”

Reward: dremora_summon    "summon dremora amulet - could it be a dremora lord instead? perhaps reducing the duration or charges? otherwise by the point the PC is high level enough to gather or have gathered 10 cursed gems, wouldn’t a mere dremora be useless?"