Ebon Tower Interior #1


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Ebon Tower Interior #1 – Curia Building (name up for debate)

A large interior.

The Curia Building is an administrative building where the secular Imperial government in Morrowind resides. It houses the provincial cabinet of ministers and their offices (8 ministers in total: one for each Great House, a minister of treasury, a minister of justice, and a minister for Temple affairs -- see this thread for details), a council chamber for the ministers which doubles as a court room, in the basement there’s a hall of records and a treasury.



To what extent am I allowed

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To what extent am I allowed to use P:C assets in such a claim? I found a few things which would fit nicely and not look out of place.

Andothren has a few P;C

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Andothren has a few P;C assets, you can use them, just don't use too much P;C assets.

We don't want to over-do it,

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We don't want to over-do it, of course, but the Ebon Tower especially is trying to be the Imperial City in miniature form.

This is *the place* to use P:C assets more than anywhere else in Morrowind.

This looks really promising.

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This looks really promising. The Imperial tileset is used really interestingly here. Love the round table and the round tapestry thing you've created!

If you wanna add a special room where they keep the Treaty of the Armistice, that'd be appreciated. Since the treaty is essentially the founding document of Morrowind province, I believe it would be kept here (on lavish display even?)

This is a cool idea! It would

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This is a cool idea! It would be great if we had a unique looking asset for this. My suggestion would be this is an activator which offers the player a text to read, like how we did so with historical banners in the Fane of Necrom.

Didn’t somebody make a large

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Didn’t somebody make a large mural that was supposed to go in the chamber where the armistice is held? A fresco of the Tribunal kneeling in front of Tiber Septim?

I did :) It got mixed reviews

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I did :) It got mixed reviews, and I haven’t got the time to tweak the colors as some people suggested.

Here’s what I’ve currently got. Would we like to use something like this? 


A large picture

I most certainly would! It

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I most certainly would! It would go nicely in that circle thing where I now have the tapestry and banner. If there is any way it could be made more circular then that would be awesome.


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That would look cool. I'll see what I can do.

This has received a slight

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This has received a slight update, first in a long time. Now includes the wonderful mural by Rats, and some detailing of the main chamber. Plan on finishing what remains of the shell today and tomorrow, and finishing this Curious Curia.

Uploaded a new file. This

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Uploaded a new file. This seems to be nearing completion within a few days. To view this properly, load it with Rats' two new assets loaded. These statics and book should be removed from the file once there are merged into Data.

great int so far! only one

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great int so far! only one flaw I can see so far:
4/20/2017 (18:10)    EbonTowerCuria.esp    4/20/2017 (18:04)    Mort    in_impsmall_doorjam_01    TR EbonTower Curia    5120    4040    14912    "I can see through the wall here"    

the rest is just stylistic things
4/20/2017 (18:16)    EbonTowerCuria.esp    4/20/2017 (18:04)    Mort    T_Sc_UNI_ArmisticeTreatyTR    TR EbonTower Curia Vault    5176    4914    15228    "maybe a display case surrounding it? see: oblivion/skyrims handling of display cases"    
4/20/2017 (18:18)    EbonTowerCuria.esp    4/20/2017 (18:04)    Mort    TR_OE_Curia_Vault_door    TR EbonTower Curia Vault    4358    5164    15248    "trying to imagine future guard placement is tough stealing the scroll should require more than killing 3-4 guards"    
4/20/2017 (18:20)    EbonTowerCuria.esp    4/20/2017 (18:04)    Mort    T_Imp_Legion_Broadsword_01    TR EbonTower Curia    4200    5612    14843    "very understated broadsword, could use some friends near it"    

color me excited for the finale!

Just letting folks know that

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Just letting folks know that I have this file at the moment. As per Aeven's request, I'm making a set of scripted traps in the vaults to protect the Treaty of the Armistice.

The shell needs one minor

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The shell needs one minor cell. If you'd like, I'll make that and release the file for you to clutter :)

Dropped this claim, didn't

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Dropped this claim, didn't end up finishing the shell of the upper floor (it's not big though), but otherwise it's not a lot of work for whoever feels like finishing this! IMO the main chamber is done, but obviously whoever ends up finishing this can still change that too!

Clean- YesIllegal to Sleep

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- Set
Northmarker- Set
Lighting- Good

furn_com_tapestry_04 x2
T_Imp_SilverWareKnife_01 x2
T_Imp_SilverWareSpoon_01 x2

furn_de_cushion_square_01 x2
text_paper_roll_01 x10
T_Imp_Furn_CoatOfArms_Justice x2

Added signs for the remaining ministries.

Really fantastic stuff here, the foyer is amazing as is the scripted vault.