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Ebon Tower Interior #10 – Elsweyr Mission

Medium-sized interior.

Embassy of the province of Elsweyr in Morrowind. Houses an ambassador and their advisor(s), a handful of though Khajiiti bodyguards and servants. 

Quote from the old forums about the NPCs:

Comprised of a last-of-the-litter-prince-made-ambassador and his old advisor the Elsweyr mission is trying to find a way to combat the enslavement of the Khajiiti people diplomatically. They do this mainly by discussing with the Dres and Hlaalu Ambassadors in OE as well as sending written appeal notices to high-ranking Great House members (which obviously go straight to the fireplace). 



Requesting this interior.

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Requesting this interior. Will do an office for the ambassador and his aide. Room for a servant and two bodyguards as well. 

Founded in 2006.

Anything specific I should

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Anything specific I should know about them? I suppose they would go in the main office/reception area? 

Founded in 2006.

Using them in the important

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Using them in the important rooms sounds good to me.
So basically in the main hall and in the offices for the ambassador and his advisor(s).

Considering the more than

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Considering the more than ample time this was supposed to be taking, with no semblance of any progress, this is revoked, and is now once again available to be claimed.

Hello ! Here is a WIP for the

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Hello !
Here is a WIP for the Khajiit Ambassy (EbonTower10). I tried to give the main hall a "nomadic/clanic/oriental" tribe vibe, to match the feel of the Skyrim Khajiit. I would like to know what you think of it so far.
For the rest : appartment for the Ambassador, a room for is advisor, guards and servants quarters, and an office.
Another general question : what is the ambassador like ? I mean, what is his policy toward skooma, for instance ? As I was working on that claim, with the description above, I thought that since the Great Houses of Morrowind would ignore him and all his attempts to stop enslavement, he could, as a form of revenge, endorse skooma dealing to weakened the province... Is it relevant ?
And a last technical question : what is the rule concerning the big dunmer cushions ? can I blend them with the floor somewhat, or not ?
Well, and that's all.

Looking lovely so far,

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Looking lovely so far, WindEole; the cushioned area is great!
Regarding skooma (and moon sugar), if the ambassador is involved in assisting smugglers I'd tend to think it would be in the interest of securing a supply for himself and his furry associates rather than a plot to undermine the province. Either way, I think you can be quite liberal in using both in this interior.
Try to avoid bleeding the cushions; they're considered hard surfaces as far as TR is concerned.

The WIP looks really, really

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The WIP looks really, really good. You've used the Imperial tileset very creatively and the cushioned area looks indeed great! Also the little tray elevator is such a clever idea. Can't wait to see this finished!

Clean: Yes Lighting: Good

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Clean: Yes
Lighting: Good
Northmarker: Set
Illegal to Sleep Here: Yes

No major issues present, great job!

As with the census tower, you've used the Tamriel_Data naming structure (T_Imp_ etc.) for custom objects. Please prefix custom objects with "TR_[interior name]_",  instead and don't worry about preserving the original categories ("_chest" is fine rather than "_com_chest_01")

I've made some tiny (mostly rotational) adjustments to prevent flickering on overlapping faces.
I've added a potted nightshade atop the cushion/cloth shelves.

Really superb work, WindEole; other than the naming issue above, this is pretty much flawless. Fantastic use of the _com set!