Ebon Tower Interior #10


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Ebon Tower Interior #10 – Elsweyr Mission

Medium-sized interior.

Embassy of the province of Elsweyr in Morrowind. Houses an ambassador and their advisor(s), a handful of though Khajiiti bodyguards and servants. 

Quote from the old forums about the NPCs:

Comprised of a last-of-the-litter-prince-made-ambassador and his old advisor the Elsweyr mission is trying to find a way to combat the enslavement of the Khajiiti people diplomatically. They do this mainly by discussing with the Dres and Hlaalu Ambassadors in OE as well as sending written appeal notices to high-ranking Great House members (which obviously go straight to the fireplace). 



Requesting this interior.

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Requesting this interior. Will do an office for the ambassador and his aide. Room for a servant and two bodyguards as well. 

Founded in 2006.

Anything specific I should

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Anything specific I should know about them? I suppose they would go in the main office/reception area? 

Founded in 2006.

Using them in the important

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Using them in the important rooms sounds good to me.
So basically in the main hall and in the offices for the ambassador and his advisor(s).