Ebon Tower Interior #16


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Ebon Tower Interior #16 – Arkay Tower

Small interior.

One of the Nine Towers of the Ebon Tower. The Chapel Tower, also known as the Arkay Tower. Using tapestries featuring the symbol of Arkay would be appreciated.

Quote from Gnomey:

Arkay Tower, could be used to house a small chapel/altar, probably level to the battlements, and perhaps priests’ quarters, probably at the top level via a trapdoor. The lower tower could perhaps link to a small croft where the remains of some Imperial dignitaries lie, either awaiting shipment back to Cyrodiil to be permanently interred or, more rarely, to remain there in eternal slumber.



Maybe a stupid thing to ask,

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Maybe a stupid thing to ask, but considering there is a large Imperial Temple in town, who's needs does this serve?

Maybe it private chapel of

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Maybe it private chapel of the castle? And that in the city is for public. Just add to that chapel parameters that they has no sevises for you untill you become… someone in the castle.

Dropping this--I've had too

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Dropping this--I've had too much stuff on my plate to make any progress on this.

Feel free to claim this one!

Hello ! Well, I have worked

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Hello !
Well, I have worked on the Arkay Tower, this time I used more elements from Tamriel Data, and regarding one of the comments above, I tried to give the croft a "Skyrim feel". I am not sure I succeeded though, since the imperial architecture is very different... Well, anyway, please let me know what you think of it, did I do too much, or not enough ?

The interior looks good. All

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The interior looks good. All it needs, I feel, is more clutter. Moving forward, all interior claims should have TR_ in front of their names to help with finding them in the CS. Also, I would remove the long bench in the entrance so players don't get caught on it while navigating.

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Stylistically, it's looking

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Stylistically, it's looking good WindEole; the basement isn't correctly aligned for the exterior, however. Currently, you've moving into the basement space of the adjoining Ebon Tower #5 interior; it would be better to rotate the basement 90 degrees so that it's largely positioned underneath the exterior staircase. The easiest way to achieve this would be to move the basement into it's own cell and adjust the northmarker accordingly (the staircase would need to be rearranged to point in the right direction). 

Hello ! Here is the new file,

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Hello !
Here is the new file, with the following changes :
- put the crypt in another cell
- rotate the north marker 90° and change the stairs accordingly
- retired the bench in the chapel
- clutter !
- I also removed any sunlight in the crypt
Let me know what you think of it !
Edit : of course, I also put TR_ in front of the names of the cells

Hello ! Maybe I made a

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Hello !
Maybe I made a mistake by deleting the precedent file, and maybe that's why this has passed unnoticed. Oh well. Here is the new file, cleaned with TESAME and very minor changes. Let me know if it is alright.

Sorry WindEole; I'll take a

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Sorry WindEole; I'll take a look at this shortly. When you're ready for a claim to be reviewed, you should bump the progress up to 100 and then click the "Put this claim up for review" button (both so we know you're done with it, and also so reviewers can edit the claim)

Clean- YesIllegal to Sleep

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- Set
Northmarker- Present
Lighting- Good (raised the sunlight values in crypt cell)

ingred_heather_01 x3
ingred_stoneflower_petals_01 x4


The staircase was still pointing the wrong way, so I've flipped it around.
Turned the redware vases into statics to prevent player from snatching them out from under the flora containers.

Really nice work, WindEole! The crypt is perhaps a bit on the large size, but not terribly so, I think. The coffin workshop room is great.


The file needs a final check

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The file needs a final check by a lead dev, then it will be merged into the Old Ebonheart section file to await NPCing.