Ebon Tower Interior #16


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Ebon Tower Interior #16 – Arkay Tower

Small interior.

One of the Nine Towers of the Ebon Tower. The Chapel Tower, also known as the Arkay Tower. Using tapestries featuring the symbol of Arkay would be appreciated.

Quote from Gnomey:

Arkay Tower, could be used to house a small chapel/altar, probably level to the battlements, and perhaps priests’ quarters, probably at the top level via a trapdoor. The lower tower could perhaps link to a small croft where the remains of some Imperial dignitaries lie, either awaiting shipment back to Cyrodiil to be permanently interred or, more rarely, to remain there in eternal slumber.



Maybe a stupid thing to ask,

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Maybe a stupid thing to ask, but considering there is a large Imperial Temple in town, who's needs does this serve?

Maybe it private chapel of

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Maybe it private chapel of the castle? And that in the city is for public. Just add to that chapel parameters that they has no sevises for you untill you become… someone in the castle.

Dropping this--I've had too

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Dropping this--I've had too much stuff on my plate to make any progress on this.

Feel free to claim this one!