Ebon Tower Interior #17 and #18


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Ebon Tower Interior #17 – Dibella Tower; Ebon Tower Interior #18 – Kynareth Tower

Two small interiors.

One of the Nine Towers of the Ebon Tower, known as the Dibella Tower. The tower is currently used as a temporary office for the Imperial Census while the proper Census Tower is undergoing repairs. The tower is relatively small, so the offices are *cramped*. Using tapestries featuring the symbol of Dibella would be appreciated.

#18 is the Kynareth Tower. The claimant is basically free to do what they want with it (within reason). It could be a storage tower, a guard tower, location of a Blades operations, empty and haunted, or part of the Census and Excise offices.



I’d like to request a claim

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I’d like to request a claim on Ebon_Tower_Interior #17. My plan is to use a spiral staircase (‘in_impsmall_spiral_x’) in the majority of the height of the tower and a custom imperial room at the top which will serve as the temporary Census office. The vast majority of the Census related objects and themes will be located in the circular room at the top of the tower; the spiral stairs do not have enough room to house any realistic workspace. Tapestries of Dibella as well as the purple variant of the Imperial Dragon Tapestry (‘TR_furn_com_tapestryDP’) will line the circular room as well as the landings on each floor of the spiral stairs. A (‘in_impsmall_trapdoor_01a’) connects the circular room to the top of the spiral stairs. 

I’d also like to request if it is possible that I can claim Ebon_Tower_Interior #18 (which is not listed as claimable at this time) as well since it has such close proximity to #17 and would allow me to connect the two through the ('ex_imp_wall_01') situated between them. I aim to create more interesting areas to explore with this plan. I understand if this an unreasonable request and would still like to work on Ebon_tower_interior #17 even if I am not granted #18.

Upon my request this claim

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Upon my request this claim has been updated to include tower #18 as seen on the (‘oe_map_ints_with_numeros.png’), This tower will be half storage/half guard, with the same basic design as the the Dibella tower. At the top there will be a guard station where legion supplies are located such as Spears, armor and arrows. I’m also thinking about adding a medium sized basement area to the tower (which will fit the exterior) which will house empty crates, chairs and tables mostly. As stated in the Dibella tower plan, the two towers will connect within the wall joining them through a load door. 

I tried to upload an. esp of

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I tried to upload an. esp of what I’ve got so far through the edit section of the claim and got an error. The plugin is 33kbs which is below the maximum 2mbs allowed and is a proper .esp file type. I made sure it openned in the CS as well and even tried to upload a different .esp with no success. This is the first time I’ve used the claim browser since the forum changed so I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong. Thanks in advance!

Yes, same bug for everyone at

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Yes, same bug for everyone at the moment. In the merge claims we’ve gotten around it by compressing the files so they’re in a zip/7z/… format and uploading them using the “select media” underneath instead, but I don’t know if you have that here-