Ebon Tower Interior #2


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Ebon Tower Interior #2 – Main Building (WIP name)

Large interior.

The main building in the Ebon Tower. This building is one of the most important seats of Imperial power in Morrowind – perhaps second only to the royal palace in Mournhold. On the first floor the main building has a large greathall with a throne which acts as an atrium and and a feast hall. Above are chambers prepared for each of the six Dukes of Morrowind (the Duke of Deshaan is actually staying here permanently) and a ducal meeting chamber. There are also two other chambers built for the Emperor and the Imperial Proconsul (neither of them ever come here, of course). There’s also an Imperial library (open to the public), kitchen, and quarters for the Ebon Tower’s household which consists of a multitude servants and a castellan.

Note: Above the main building rises the bell tower – also known as the Talos Tower – which is not part of this claim. Underground are the Imperial vaults (which are not part of this claim). The claimant may add staircases/doors leading to these separate interiors in their claim, if they want to – or they can be added later.



Claiming. I’ll cautiously

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Claiming. I’ll cautiously follow the description but also make sure to give a very impressive and unique feeling to the building. I have quite a few good ideas for the place.

NICE. Finally someone was

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Finally someone was able to use the Imperial throne model! The feast hall is pretty frigging sweet. I like the height of it and the arches. If it’s feasible, I would like to see the how the hall would look longer – maybe twice its current length (with two tables?) – I reckon it would make the hall even more epic-looking with more space for various NPCs.

The exotic flora collection is maybe a bit too eclectic to my taste. Maybe use only a few selected flora from Cyrodiil instead? The indoor tree works surprisingly well and looks great in-game. I think this might be the first time I ever say this: but maybe add more trees inside?

The servants’ quarters looks promising, too. I like that the new assets over from other province projects are used in moderation.

Thanks for the feedback! I’d

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Thanks for the feedback! I’d love to extend the feasthall, except it’s already gone past its exterior limits. I’ll try to make more room for npc’s and such, but I’m afraid any further lengthening will overdo it. Other than that, I’ll make sure to implement the rest of your suggestions.

Okay, that’s reasonable if

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Okay, that’s reasonable if you feel like it’d overdo it – though interiors are allowed to be a bit larger than the exterior.

Excellent work either way!

I remember Haplo wanted the

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I remember Haplo wanted the Ebon Tower kitchen to be suitably impressive. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for it, RyanS. Your work on this so far looks great.

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Update! I’ve basically

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Update! I’ve basically finished the kitchen, so feel free to check that part out and provide feedback. I’ve also extended the feasthall a little bit, among many other things.

Everything is looking great

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Everything is looking great so far!

I was thinking that the Imperial library might have a printing press, perhaps one of a kind in the province.

Sure, I'll add a printing

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Sure, I'll add a printing press. Is there already one in data? I've been caught up with real life lately but I'll get to making another update soon.