Ebon Tower Interior #3 and #21


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Ebon Tower Interior #3 and #21 – the Legion Headquarters & Akatosh Tower

Two in one deal! Large interior + a smaller, simpler tower interior.

The #3 building is the headquarters of the Imperial Legion in Morrowind where the Lord General of the Legion is seated. Legion offices, barracks, a smithy, and a large underground dungeon for prisoners and interrogations (maybe even torture devices?) – with a trap door somewhere leading to the sewers underneath Ebon Tower. Also the Knight of the Imperial Dragon of Mournhold District has their chambers here.

The #21 is one of the Nine Towers of Ebonheart, Akatosh Tower, which can be accessed from the Legion Headquarters. The tower has an Imperial cult chapel which the Legions soldiers often visit. The priest at the shrine is part of the Talos Cult and is trying to recruit Legion soldiers to their cause.



A WIP file up. The dungeon

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A WIP file up. The dungeon bit is largely finished – with a few details missing. The main building’s basic structure is also done, but it’s still missing pretty much everything else. For the Akatosh Tower (nothing done on that yet) I’m going to take cues from Miraclestone’s design for the other towers.

I’ll put up a second WIP for

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I’ll put up a second WIP for you to look at, its basicly done just need to place more object to interact with; the structure is 98% done for the most part. Feel free to comment if you have concerns with how the structure is put together.

Finished -> review sent.

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Finished -> review sent.

(There's a cuirass and a shortsword from the First Era made from the remains of Nafaalilargus hidden in the main keep. I dare you to find them.)