Ebon Tower Interior #5


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Ebon Tower Interior #5 -- Summerset Isles Mission & Valenwood Mission

Medium-sized interior.
This large-ish tower houses to elven embassies from the provinces of Summerset Isles and Valenwood. The two mission don’t share and have their own separate spaces for their offices. 

From the old forums about the Summerset Isle’s ambassador:

The sympathetic Elteryn of Firsthold is the ambassador from the far-away province of Summerset Isle, gladly delivering messages between Queen Hlaalu Morgiah of Firsthold and her royal family in Morrowind as well as doing general pre-Thalmor spying.



Cannabalizing each other I

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Cannabalizing each other I assume? As eating citizens seems like it'd be very illegal and cracked down on; though the Dunmer might overlook it if the entrees are slaves.

Well it's also jurisdiction

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Well it's also jurisdiction of the Empire mainly, so I don't think there are any slaves in OE and if there are they probably need to be removed.

My thinking was that if a

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My thinking was that if a Bosmer living in Ebonheart passes away, they might be consumed at the embassy as part of a traditional Valenwood funeral.

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