Ebon Tower Interior #6


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Ebon Tower Interior #6 – Hammerfell Mission / Storage tower

Medium-sized interior. 

The embassy of Hammerfell province in Morrowind. Houses the ambassador(s) and their bodyguards. The lowest part of the tower shouldn’t be used by the embassy, but instead be a storage space for supplies of the Imperial guard.



Update Overview -Completed

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Update Overview

-Named the interior cell 'TR_Ebon Tower Interior #6'; I note this as I'm still not entirely confident with the new naming scheme employed for TR interiors, so if there are any issues I would appreciate it if someone pointed them out .

-Completed the shell for the claim; Claim consists of five levels, with the 1st and 2nd being size 3x3 , the 3rd level size 3x2 , the 4th level being size 2x2, and the final level merely being the endcap for the spiral staircase and point of access to the roof (the spiral staircase is excluded from the size measurements for clarity).

-Furniture is a mix of imperial rm_ and r_ objects.

-The 1st floor is the storage area for supplies of the Imperial guard, the 2nd floor contains the quarters and living area of the three bodyguards, the 3rd floor serves as the ambassador's living quarters and meeting room, and the 4th floor serves no particular role beyond being a nondescript hallway/walkway.

-Major object placement and detailing has been done for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, with only some more detailing required for the aforementioned floors. The 1st floor is yet to have any objects placed in it aside from a single container, and will be significantly more cluttered and detailed by the next update.

-Cleaned the file and remove irrelevant dependencies.

-Ticked 'Illegal to sleep here".

PS: I wanted there to be have been more progress by this update, but making the interior shell match the exterior proved to be surprisingly time-consuming and tedious, with certain outstanding issues with it remaining for lack of a better solution on my end (particularly with respect to working the spiral staircase into the interior while still having the doors match the exterior, causing the interior shell to not match the exterior as accurately as would be ideal; Attempted alternative arrangements thus far have only caused worse issues, hence the current arrangement remaining for the time being).

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