Ebon Tower Interior #8


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Ebon Tower Interior #8 – Coastguard Keep

Medium-sized interior.

A keep from where the Imperial coastguard keeps watch of the mouth of River Thirr. A small barracks, offices and a storage area + perhaps a small jail cell where they keep captured smugglers.



Hey Parker, I've had a look

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Hey Parker, I've had a look at your interior and it doesn't really fit the exterior at the moment; it's too large at the moment (really shouldn't be larger than 3x3 small tiles / 2x2 large tiles), and is missing the roof access. I think this can made to fit reasonably easily, though; the first floor should be condensed into three large tiles, and the staircases could be contracted to fit the 2x2 profile (or replaced with spiral staircases). The dormitory will need to be moved to fit between the floors somewhere.

Otherwise, it's a nice interior so I hope it can be massaged into the exterior without too much difficulty!

Clean: Yes. Northmarker: Set.

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Clean: Yes.
Northmarker: Set.
Illegal to Sleep Here: Set.
Lighting: Good.



I've gone ahead and made the aforementioned edits to fit this into the exterior. I've preserved more or less all the content of the interior, just greatly compressed. If Parker's ok with the modifications, this should be good-to-go.

Hello sirrah. Your layout is

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Hello sirrah. Your layout is a big improvement. I love your modifications and appreciate that you maintained all my clutter. Thank you for putting so much work bringing my interior up to standards.

My memory of what an acceptable interior-to-exterior size ratio looks like might be faulty. An interior, I feel, should be allowed a little room to go out-of-bounds, in order to avoid cramped interiors, but I might have gone a bit overboard here. This might be an issue with my latest embassy interior. Could you take a look and see how much condensing it might require?

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Glad you like the changes,

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Glad you like the changes, Parker! I tend to agree that going a little out of bonds is acceptable, but the transition from the exterior felt jarring to me in this case.

Your embassy interiors seem like an acceptable amount of boundary-pushing, so I'm going to go ahead and push them into review.