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Ebon Tower Interior #9 – High Rock & Orsinium Missions

Medium-sized interior.

This tower building houses the embassies of the province of High Rock and the city of Orsinium. Majority of the interior part of the High Rock mission, while the Orsinium mission is very small. The interior may have foreign imported items that would not be normally found anywhere else in Morrowind.

Quote from the old forums about the NPCs:

Two ambassadors, Doniphan Messor and Esolde Vene, come from the Imperial Province of High Rock with which the Royal family of Morrowind has close ties. The two ambassadors are personal friends of King Helseth and accompanied him when the then-Prince returned to Morrowind after failing to claim the throne of Wayrest. Their official job is to represent High Rock and the Breton people in Morrowind, but they also serve another purpose. Fiercely loyal to Helseth their main function is to provide the Monarch with spies' reports coming from the far-west and help him plot his revenge against his stepsister Elysana of Wayrest. The ambassadors are also close with the Barenziah, delivering messages between the Queen Mother and her contacts in High Rock. 

The High Rock Mission also houses an ambassador from Orsinium, Ogrub gro-Nag, who has been given a shamefully small office (more like a broom closet), which is symbolic of the status of the city-province. The Orsinium Ambassador is trying to represent all the Orcs in the province; namely aiding the orcs being persecuted over Malacath worship (and failing massively in the task). 



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