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1st Quest in the Watch-of-Fire plotline, TR_Mainland Quest Pack quest.

Faction: associated with the Imperial Legion, but open to all characters
questgiver: Bonius Flagius, a Sergeant of the Imperial Legion in Firewatch (make new NPC for this)
reward: about 100 gold, or similarly priced Imperial armor/weapon

Summary: Someone left a guar in the courtyard Imperial fort’s courtyard. None of the Imperials know how to move it because it is a guar, an exotic animal, and doesn’t obey any of the commands they would normally use on horses. The player is asked to move the guar. They can go around talking to the natives to figure out that guars really like a certain kind of herb (scathecraw and stinkweed both listed as guar favorites in the lore), and so they can bring that herb to the guar. Upon waving it near the guar’s nose, the guar follows them. Different endings depending on where the guar is moved (outside the walls, to a local tanner’s, to the tavern/stables), but the player gets the full reward so long as the guar is out of the courtyard. (If they end up killing the guar, they only get a small reward, saying now someone has to haul the stinky thing away and pitch it into the harbor/garbage pile).

Background: The Imperial Legion in Firewatch has been drastically reduced, half of them being recalled back to Cyrodiil. The remaining forces are in a state of low moral, underpaid, and many of them are brand new to Morrowind, particularly the exotic Telvannis area. This can all be added to rumors or referenced through the quest dialogue. It is also suggested to add a rumor to Old Ebonheart: “My cousin got shipped off to Firewatch to serve with the Imperial Legion. I wonder what he did to be assigned to that sorry post?”




As a note, the guar’s corpse

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As a note, the guar’s corpse should probably not be disposable, to make its later reappearance work better. (Admittedly, what disposing a corpse in-game is supposed to entail is never made clear anyway).

Changelog v1.0.0 --all quest

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Changelog v0.80.0
--all quest-related dialogue and scripts added
--no reward for quest is intended
--PC may now join the Mainland Imperial Legion by talking to Captain Varan in Firewatch
--T_Mw_ImperialLegion generic dialogue added to orders, join the Imperial Legion, Imperial Legion, and various greetings
--Captain Varan of TR_Mainland got a promotion (Knight Protector rank, to satisfy dialogue conditions and bring in line with vanilla conventions for faction leaders)

To Do:
--play testing
--expel mechanics for IL
--salary mechanics for IL
--advancement for IL
--optional latest rumors plugin for other Imperial towns, esp Old Ebonheart

Changelog v0.80.10 --moved

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Changelog v0.80.10
--moved Bonius Flagius just inside the Palace Foyer so that he is less annoying to get to. Joining Imperial Legion still done through Captain Varan in her quarters.
--fixed dialogue ordering bugs
--added scathecraw to GreenEyes' inventory so player has an easier time getting a hold of some.

To Do
--unchanged from previous version

Changelog v0.81.00 --changed

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Changelog v0.81.00
--changed how guar script is handled. Still in test mode, script keyed to update journal instead of forcegreet.