Face Stealer's Lair


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Half Daedric ruin, half cave, where the Face Stealer of this claim resides: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/face-stealer

Some things to include:
--A locked, pitch-black or near-black room for the Faceless Ordinator to appear in
--PC will be escorting an NPC through this, so floor obstacles should be kept to a minimum
--scattered ritual implements

NPCing phase, or things waiting on assets (interior dev can proceed without these):
--a corpse of a Dunmer in Ordinator armor, with an Ordinator-mask face, if only because the thought of the player removing the Ordinator armor to find another Ordinator "face" underneath amuses me
--Face-Stolen Cultists as created through this asset: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/faceless-ordinator-and-other-beasties


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Once I finish up my current

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Once I finish up my current claim and I can try taking this on since I know it's high priority, but only if better devs feel I'm up to the task and only if no one else wants it in the meantime.