A Flooded Tomb


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NEW TITLE: "Speaker for the Dead"

Reworked this to fit better into the Almas Thirr questline. This quest should be offered after the player has obtained a few rank-ups in the Temple faction. (Curate+)

1) The Ordinator in Mourning that offers higher level quests in Almas Thirr tells the player that they are ready to make the pilgrimmage to Necrom. As the player has already been to Necrom (particularly if we implement that required pilgrimmage), it should be understood that THIS pilgrimmage means the player is now someone special, training to become a Speaker for the Dead, and so the Ordinator should explain to the player what this means and the great honor it entails. A lore book about Speakers for the Dead, given to the player as well as told in dialogue, is probably the best way to go.

2) The OiM goes on to say that normally priests who make this trip are tasked with transporting the remains of the recently deceased, preferrably an ancestor or from the hamlet/village they serve. Since the player is an outlander and the OiM doesn't want to offend the locals, they send them instead to the Sarnat Ancestral Tomb near Ildrim. This tomb has flooded and needs maintenance. The OiM gives the player directions to the tomb.

3) The interior (Sarnat Ancestral Tomb) is finished, just needs the remains placed somewhere inside. (One pinch of ash from every urn in there?) The difficulty of the dungeon may also need to be increased slightly to account for the player's higher rank/level. The player then turns these remains in to Bradys Hlaalo, the Head Priest of the Charnelworks in Necrom.

4) Bradys Hlaalo does some sort of ceremonial thing that thanks the player for their service to the ancestors and welcomes them into their duty as a speaker for the dead (suggested by Mortimer: having the player cut their hand with the ritual dagger later used in Ashes-to-Ashes). Now all Ancestor Ghosts will be neutral to the player (through scripting, easiest probably to SetFight 0 for that partcular creature ID). He then sends the player back to Almas Thirr, saying the original questgiver will have more need of the player's help in tending to the Aanthirin dead.



Journal 0: Temple: A Flooded

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Journal 0: Temple: A Flooded Tomb
$QuestGiverName in Necrom has asked me to collect the seven Sarnat family ashes from the flooded Sarnat Ancestral Tomb to the northwest of Ildrim. 

I have killed the dreugh infesting the Sarnat Ancestral Tomb. The dreugh was guarding one of the seven Sarnat family ashes.

30 Finished
I have returned the Sarnat family ashes to the $QuestGiverName in Necrom. He thanked me for fulfilling my Temple duties and gave me an Amulet of Swift Swim, should I ever need to traverse water again.

<10 - duties
Greeting, %PCrank, we have need of you to reclaim ancestral ashes from a flooded tomb. 

ancestral ashes
The Sarnat Ancestral Tomb near Ildrim has fallen into disrepair. The sands of time and the waters of the earth have not been kind to this sacred tomb. Ashes of our ancestors still lay untouched inside the urns there. Go now, and bring me all seven ashes of the Sarnat family, and we shall ensure they are given a proper new home. The Sarnat Tomb lies northeast of Ildrim. Take these potions, they may prove useful.
Journal "tr_m3_Nm_floodedtomb" 10
Player->additem "p_water_breathing_s" 1

Have you returned with the Sarnat family ashes?

Have you returned with the Sarnat family ashes?
Choice "Yes" 1
Choice "No" 2

choice 1
If TR_m3_q_sarnatash >= 7
Thank you, %PCrank, you have done well. We will ensure these ashes are placed in a new home, one more protected by the elements. Take this Amulet of Swift Swim. May it help you whenever you must traverse the ocean's depths.
Journal "TR_m3_Nm_floodedtomb" 30
Player->additem "a swift swim amulet"
add temple faction rep

if TR_m3_q_sarnatash < 7
You don't appear to have all of the ash. Come back when you have collected all seven ashes from the Sarnat tomb.

choice 2
I will be waiting, %PCrank.

The Temple thanks you for your duty in helping the Sarnat family.

Not sure who the main questgiver in necrom is, fill in the blank there

Seven ashes sounds like a good number, there are like 15+ urns in the tomb, I can make it require every single urn if you want. This quest also takes some liberties in NPC knowledge - how would he or she know exactly how many ashes are remaining in the tomb? In that case I could make the number == the number of urns, but that also assumed 0% of urns broke or leaked in the thousands of years. Seven sounded like a fair number.

Journal 20 is superfluous but I figured it would give players stumbling into the quest knowledge that maybe these unique ashes should be held onto. 

if this looks good, if someone can pick an npc I can claim and complete this pretty quickly

Hm...number of ashes--if you

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Hm...number of ashes--if you don't go with the full 15 (and I think you could if you wanted to), I would relate in dialogue that these seven are special somehow, perhaps the family' patriarchs (and matriarchs). I assume the quest NPC would have it down in a record somewhere which are most important.

" I have killed the dreugh infesting the Sarnat Ancestral Tomb. The dreugh was guarding one of the seven Sarnat family ashes. " Plural dreugh or..? Been a while since I poked my head in that dungeon.

I'm also hedging on this line: " The sands of time and the waters of the earth have not been kind to this sacred tomb. " I kinda want to use this opportunity to add a tidbit of history on how this was dry land back when the tomb was built, and why the sea has since flooded it (due to geological forces, or something more mythological like the ash storms effing something up?) Just a nitpick, though.

Overall, dialogue looks good.

Being sent to collect

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Being sent to collect "special" ashes makes more sense.

Just one dreugh, I could always add more!

if you want to add anything specific please feel free

"Dreugh infesting" sounds

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"Dreugh infesting" sounds like plural dreugh, so yes, I think that would be good.

As for a history tidbit, maybe something like: "Before the first eruption of Red Mountain, it used to be a mer could walk from one side of Resdayn to the other. This is just what Saint Veloth and his followers did, leaving behind their strongholds and family tombs. The Sarnat Ancestral Tomb is one such tomb, built before the waters of the Inner Sea rushed inland. The tomb's location on the new shore means it has been slowly sinking, and it's time to find the ancestors a new home."


This might be a bit of a

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This might be a bit of a quibble, but the crossing at Almas Thirr existed before the creation of the Inner Sea and was not a straight-forward one; the Bloodstone shrine in Almas Thirr commemorates one of Veloth's followers sacrificing herself to permit safe passage for the rest of the group (at least in Temple dogma). Come to think of it, taking Veloth's route across Morrowind on-foot is probably easier now that a canton has been plopped in the middle of the river.

Hokay, Mort, see the changes

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Hokay, Mort, see the changes made and have at this to finalize it. To go with the increased difficulty, you may either make the player take all the ashes or put in more dreugh and other tomb defenses: your choice.