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Quest Giver
A random ancestor ghost in Necrom

Quest Objective
Random NPC in a to-be-decided town

Type of Quest
Discovery Quest

Location to a treasure(?)
Temple Faction Reputation

Short Summary
Help an ancestor wrap up their mortal affairs before they lose their identity.

Temple Faction rank of (?)

Assets Involved
2 NPCs with unique dialogue
1-2 cell names with unique dialogue
1 dialogue topic (name of a non-existant NPC)
1 item (scroll)

Long Summary

  1. The player is approached in Necrom by a named Ancestor Ghost (either an Ancestor Ghost model, or an NPC with a ghost shader effect; this is implemented by giving them the ability ghost_ability, a 50% chameleon effect).
  2. The Ancestor feels like they cannot adequately advise their descendants because their thoughts mostly revolve around a love affair they had when they were still alive. They moved on and married into an existing family, but after death they still remember their affair's face better than that of their children.
  3. The PC is asked to first scribe, then deliver a scroll to a named NPC in a given city. The scroll contains a goodbye and regret for leaving the lover, as well as the wish that they had a happy life.
  4. When travelling to the city, the PC learns through dialogue that nobody knows that person. Either through speaking to a sufficiently bureocratic person (temple priest?) or random chance they learn that the person has died in the second era, but a descendant is known to live in another town.
  5. The (briefly bewildered) descendent is approached, the scroll is delivered.
  6. The named Ancestor is told that the scroll has been delivered. Thanks are given (along with reputation? or directions to a cache for bad times the Ancestor hid during their life?).
  7. The named Ancestor is disabled and a generic non-hostile Ancestor Ghost is spawned in their place.


I would like to write

Terrifying Daedric Foe's picture

I would like to write dialogue for this.

BTW, I don't think this has to be a Temple faction quest. I think this one works fine as a misc. quest.

 It should have some kind of

Templar Tribe's picture

 It should have some kind of check to make sure the player has a quill and ink well in their inventory as well 

I'm unsure about that. I

Terrifying Daedric Foe's picture

I'm unsure about that. I think the gamey-ness of having a letter pop-up in your inventory is worth the benefit of not having to wander around looking for a quill and ink well (and paper as well) to buy, borrow or steal. Sure it's contrived, but gameplay over realism.

Go ahead and take it for the

Kevaar's picture

I've granted the claim to you for the writing, Terrifying. It looks like you're a quest dev already, so if you want to also do the CS work, you are free to.

I'm leaning more towards needing quill and parchment as Morrowind is still in that generation of games that realism comes before streamlined (even sensible, haha) gameplay. But, it's really more for the CS claimant to decide.

 In the vanilla game I don't

Templar Tribe's picture

 In the vanilla game I don't think there is a quest that ever has the player write anything down for someone. I'm sure that if there was, however, they would need to have a quill and ink well and some paper. It just seems like thats something Morrowind would do 

I don't have access to

Terrifying Daedric Foe's picture

I don't have access to Morrowind at the moment, so it's just dialogue for me. I'll write the dialogue asking for quill, ink and paper.