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“Midave Llarys wants the player to look into the disappearance of a slave from the Erethan Plantation. The slave was captured, abducted or liberated (depending on whom you ask) by a Telvanni destruction mage, who is using him for non-lethal (but obviously not particularly pleasant) experiments.”

Quest already finished by Theo, transferred from the old forum.
Merge instructions: Harru cave will need to have its current necromancer and most of its skeletons removed.


I’ve only converted it to the

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I’ve only converted it to the new files, touched up the dialogue for language and fixed a couple bugs. Needs playtesting and review.
edit: reviewing

Fixed tons and tons of bugs,

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Fixed tons and tons of bugs,
Added item reward for recapturing the slave: mace that saps Willpower and increases Speed on strike (ie an escort quest sanity tool),
Replaced some of the nord/warwizard skeletons, added flame atronachs for variety, this guy isn’t supposed to be the necromancer archetype,
No change in features otherwise, plugged missing cases only. Could be illogical dialogue remaining still
(would be cool to have the option of learning some spell from the fire specialist, maybe as an easter egg somehow? any ideas? – see below)

Still needs playtesting

More fixes, small tweaks.

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More fixes, small tweaks. Also added option to learn a powerful but extremely slow spell from the fire mage if player knows the “destruction” topic from Savants (perhaps so easter-eggish it might as well not be there? – I don’t think it’s possible to even obtain the topic in vanilla? looks like savant dialogue conditions are borked)

Needs playtesting but should be done

Added file with the one

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Added file with the one Telvanni reference changed for faction merge + a fixed missing cell condition

And merged in Mainland, may it benefit from testing