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TR_m2_Adrosu Balmayn is an existing NPC in Boethiah's Spine 35, 3. The dialogue topic gewp eee already exists and should be used as the quest starter.

Needs the following bugs fixed:
- he has a speech impediment... but only on greeting 7. This should be moved up to Greeting 0 or 1. He should also have all other dialogue topics disabled if not already
- his Voice (audio) also has him speaking normally... if he's kept, he should have his own EMPTY (or dunmer "Grumbling." sound would fit too) on Idle, Hello etc... *(some local variables like "nohello" and "noalarm" put in the NPC's script can give generic EMPTY lines for certain voices)

There's a robber (TR_m2_o_Teris Andrethi - skippable robber with dialogue) a few paces from him on the same road.

Suggested quest: If the claimant has another idea, they can use it, but here's my suggestion: If a quill, ink, and paper is brought to Adrosu, he writes a note that says he had his tongue cut out. He says Teris promised him a potion stolen from a Telvanni mage (same guy as the one in this quest: that can give him the powers of speech back. Because Teris doesn't like Adrosu ("I can't imagine why"), Adrosu tells the player not to tell Teris it's him who wants the potion.

[1] If not told about Adrosu, Teris gives the player the potion at a hefty cost. When the player gives Adrosu the potion, he thanks the player, saying Teris has been spreading awful lies about him being a heretic, which is why the Ordinators took his tongue. With a forced Goodbye, he walks over to Teris and kills him, then disappears with a Recall spell. The player's reward is what's on Teris' body (some moon sugar and skooma)

[2] If told about Adrosu, Teris refuses to hand over the potion, saying Adrosu is a heretic who had his tongue cut out by the Ordinators because he kept casting curses on innocent people. He asks the player to tell an Ordinator where Adrosu has been hiding. Meanwhile he, Teris, will find someplace safer to stay. Adrosu and Teris will both disappear, and the player gets the reward from the Ordinator.

[3] The potion can also be pickpocketed from Teris, with the same resut as [1].

Loose end: If the player talks to Teris before they get a note from Adrosu, he should also inform the player that Adrosu is a wanted heretic.


what is geewp eee supposed to

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what is geewp eee supposed to mean, "help me"? i'm having a hard time thinking of how to write this guys speech impediment 

It looks like it's already in

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It looks like some of the dialogue is  already in the CS so check in there for context. Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine.