Kneading the Dough


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Latest Rumor - I bought a loaf of bread at The Mother Alessia the other day -- stale as timber. I hear they are only kept afloat by the favorable contracts the Baker's Guild keeps steering their way.


"The Mother Alessia" is having a hard time making ends meet. Meanwhile competitors are flourishing that, unlike the Mother Alessia, are not part of the Bakers' Guild.

The owners want these non-members to pay guild dues. They need a mercenary (the player) to get them to pay up. There should be a few creative ways of doing this, some taking advantage of Mercantile/Speechcraft. Potential targets are:

*Pinefist Foods
*Gul-Ei's Pantry
*Emaroc Harquart's Baked Goods
*A street vendor selling homemade bread

The player will collect the dues and get to keep a 10 percent portion of the money, possibly more with good Mercantile skill. The player can also lie to the various bakers about the amount they owe to inflate his or her personal profits.

A basic outline with sample dialogue can be found in the original thread, though the claimant should feel free to revise, tweak or deviate from it to their liking.

Also, there should be no references to bread being imported or exported. It's a local everyday commodity.

Note: "The Mother Alessia" is a bakery in Old Ebonheart, as are the potential targets.