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Lake Andaram #1


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West Bank of the Thirr. No settlements above Tier VI (Hamlet).

A road travels through here from Hlan Oek to the west (a wretched hive of scum and villainy) down to Othmura.
The landscape should be flat and open, maybe some scattered Hlaalu farmsteads (no large plantations). It could perhaps have some marshy patches with dense vegetation.
There should be some very subtle and hidden ruins, maybe a row of Daedric or Old Mournhold pillars standing along the waterside of some nearly buried complex (no entrance).



The Aanthirin visual update

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The Aanthirin visual update was never intended to become a bottleneck for the project. It is intended to strictly be a visual update, changing the appearance of assets that have already been placed, and maybe sprinkling some new assets here and there. (Though performance is somewhat of a concern for Aanthirin, so there probably won't be too much of the latter).
Now while the scale of the update does mean it will be tedious to implement in practice, the actual work required per cell is very low, and I'm quite willing to do it myself. As long as these claims are made to look consistent with the current iteration of Aanthirin, they'll be fine. Creating a completely new exterior cell from scratch is (at least for me) a lot more work, so I'd rather see that taken care of while we have folks interested in taking care of it, which will in turn mean less to worry about in future.

In addition to that, the

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In addition to that, the visual revamp is mostly replacing ground textures a few plants (which are I think mostly in Tamriel_Data now anyway). Replacing flora should be considerably easier with worsas' QuickEdit and we're putting the orange rocks which would have caused problems into the Thirr Valley. Rats said as much on Discord when the topic came up  as well (before the claims were discussed and created).

Nothing done for these claims will be wasted effort or take much time to change.

I think the landscape here

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I think the landscape here should be flat and relatively open with some small, scattered Hlaalu farmsteads. It could perhaps have some marshy patches with dense vegetation. I'm not sure if this region could use exterior ruins or not; I think by and large it should be very peaceful, though. Perhaps something relatively subtle, like a row of Daedric or perhaps even OM pillars halfway standing along the waterside in the middle of some almost entirely buried exterior-only ruins.

I have some questions about

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I have some questions about the cells included in the new claims:
Weren't the new claims going to include existing cells? (i.e. the cells north of the claim) Also claims 1 and 2 were going to include cells above the Nav Andaram claim, or has that (future) claim been expanded north?

The meeting notes on Feb 05

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The meeting notes on Feb 05 do indeed include such a map. We had a talk about it and revised them, but I put in the old map because I didn't notice.

Lake Andaram #2 IIRC has one cell which was already made, and that's because there's a river mouth there now which wasn't before. Otherwise, editing existing cells without a good reason is out.

Claiming! so to my

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Claiming! so to my understanding i should use AI assets with the new ground textures? What flora should i use?

Yes, AI assets should be used

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Yes, AI assets should be used with the new T_Mw_TerrDirtGrassAT, T_Mw_TerrGrassAT and T_Mw_TerrCloverAT ground textures.

For flora you can use the Orange Moss (T_Mw_FloraAT_OranMoss01-03) and the Amanita Muscaria (T_Glb_Flora_AmanitaMs01-02). Aanthirin also has its own lilypads for water (T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrange_01-03 and T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrangeFl_01). On the top of my head I can't think of what other flora is common in Aanthirin, but I'll do some investigating... Update: apparently anything that would grow in the Ascadian Isles (Gold Kanet, Comberry, Willow Flower, etc. etc.) also grows in Aanthirin.

Oh, and happy modding!

There's really no helping

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There's really no helping with the cell borders :/ Personally I just try to avoid doing a lot of landscape editing near the border.

The inevitable land tears will be fixed when the exterior is merged.

Dang. That's basically what i

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Dang. That's basically what i thought, but that's still disappointing. Hopefully OpenMW CS will have a better landscape tool when it gets it.